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18 March 2017


Dear All,

We, the Eco-Service, would like to inform the community that we have collected 98 tons of waste from Jan 2016 to March 2017. 25 % of this waste goes to landfill to be burnt, which include about 12% of organic waste such as brooms, baskets, mats, cloth and other compostable items. The other 13 % are shoes, bags and unwashed plastic bags. Our aim is to reduce the landfill and to do so we really need your help and request everyone to please wash their cheese, dosa and food plastic bags, so they CAN be recycled, not attract pests, and not sent to the landfill for burning. Please dispose of organic waste in your community itself by composting organic waste, so it doesn’t end up in the landfill unnecessarily.

We have 300 collection points in Auroville and about 10 from non Aurovilians who want to deal with their waste as carefully as possible.

We are all responsible for the waste produced so let us do a collective effort and try to do better in 2017.

We have clean and perfectly re-usable packing materials such as bubble paper and white and black foam so if anyone needs to do some packing come visit us instead of adding more plastic into this endless machine,

Thanking you,
Kali and Palani K.

Correction 25 March 2017:

Please note that in last week’s News and Notes there was an error in our announcement. The waste items that we send to landfill do not get burnt. Landfills deposit waste in the ground and then cover them over with soil, burying the waste so that it is not exposed to the atmosphere. We at Eco-Services do not burn any waste as this is a highly polluting method of disposal.

Kali and Palani.K