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11 March 2017

Working Committee report February 2017

The main issues dealt with in February have been the following:

Internal functioning

Last month we shared our agreements for an improved functioning and promised to report on our experience. The agreements are:

  1. One deep breath before speaking;
  2. Listen to the centre;
  3. Speak to the centre;
  4. Don’t take the floor, have it offered;
  5. Speak from direct experience;
  6. Anyone can invite silence.

We haven’t been able to collectively and consciously put these into practice, but we continue trying. The challenge is to apply these at the most demanding moments. However, our weekly meetings with the Auroville Council serve as welcoming reminders since they are more experienced in practising the agreements.

Land Protection Team (LPT)

A little over two weeks ago, the Core Group published an update on the outcome of the workshops held on Land Protection, where it asked the residents to sign-up if they wished to be part of the Land Protection Team. Please refer to announcement here [...]. No persons have signed-up. The Land Protection Team will publish soon an update to the community.

Emotional and Mental Health Care (EMHC)

The pilot group for EMHC and the WCom and AVC support persons met on the 09.02.2017. Presently, the core team consists of Jerry and Rita E. A blueprint of ideas has been shared with the Working Committee and Auroville Council, and short-term, middle-term, and long-term goals have been established. An appropriate name for the group is also being deliberated. For the moment, the priority is to find a location for the group to operate out of. The community is requested to help in this matter, any ideas or feedback is most welcome. The group is also expected to come up with a preliminary budget soon, to be presented to the FAMC. No cases have been handed over to the EMHC group as yet, and the WCom and AVC continue to take on cases, as and when needed.

Meeting with Collector and Superintendent Police, Villupuram District

At the invitation of the Secretary, Auroville Foundation, the Collector Villupuram district, the Superintendent of Police and other officials, along with representatives of the relevant working groups, had a follow-up meeting since the last one in December 2016. Topics discussed were improving safety and security of residents and visitors, land related issues, police patrolling and interventions, road safety, and relevant incidents as case studies.

Auroville Child Development, New Creation

The Working Committee has been addressing some concerns with the functioning of The Auroville Child Development in the past year. At last, some Aurovilians have stepped forward to commit to and strengthen the functioning and structure of the project. André Tardeil has agreed to step down and has welcomed the following Aurovilians as new executives: Eric Avril (Courage), Pushpa Patha (Fraternity) and Antoinette Gervais (New Creation).


The Working Committee had circulated a survey to the community on the topic of Public Mobility for Auroville. Please click here to see the results received by the Residents Assembly Service [...]. The Working Committee has still not processed the information. We apologise for the delay.

Visit of Nordic Ambassadors

On Friday 24th of February, Auroville received a delegation of five Ambassadors from the Nordic countries (Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland).

After a short interaction at the Unity Pavilion, with the Scandinavian nationals living in Auroville, the Working Committee representatives accompanied the ambassadors to visit some Auroville projects. The Ambassadors have been very enthusiastic of their visit and welcomed the interactions.

Matrimandir Model

Upon the request of the museum 'Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine', Paris, the Working Committee is collecting material for their upcoming exhibition about global architecture from November 2017 to April 2018. For one of the pieces, the Working Committee has asked Samvit to replicate the current Matrimandir model that is displayed at the Visitor Centre, using 3D printing. The Working Committee wishes to thank him.


Road Safety

The Working Committee would like to remind all residents that driving without a valid license is not permissible. All guest-houses and activities that offer motorbike-renting facilities should ensure compliance with the above. Please be mindful about the growing traffic and accident-prone areas and maintain a safe speed.

(V)VIP meetings and visits

Sometimes, individuals or Auroville units / activities are making appointments for meetings with high level officials from the Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry or Central Government or invite them for inaugurations or visits to Auroville. As the Working Committee is the official representative body of the Resident’s Assembly, and in order to avoid confusion – officials may otherwise wrongly assume that those inviting them represent the community – we requests to be informed about any such proposed meeting or invitation. Where possible the invitation should go through the Working Committee and /or the Auroville Foundation office.

Living in and Working for Auroville

The Working Committee would like to remind all residents that one is expected to live in and work in / for Auroville. We appeal to your individual good will and sense to respect this fundamental requirement, based on which visas are issued and names remain on the Register of Residents, and / or the Master List.

Sea Erosion Management (SEM)

Short-term: The Auroville Foundation, in its last meeting with the Collector and other officials, has requested the help of the Tahsildar and the Superintendent Police to oversee the short-term work on Auroville land at Samuthira. This will take place in March with the relevant people.

Long-term: The visit of the National Institute of Ocean Technology has not yet taken place.

Pending issues

  • Matrimandir executives
  • Strengthening Auroville Health Services
  • Terms of Reference and appointment new members Town Development Council
  • Revision of the Guidelines between Trusts and Units of the Auroville Foundation – jointly with the AvF and FAMC
  • Entry – jointly with the AvC, Entry Service and the ETG.
  • Windarra Arbitration and the Implementation and Monitoring Group (IMG) – jointly with the AvC.

The Working Committee (Angela, Carel, Hemant, Inge, Kumar, Mandakini, Ranjithkumar)