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11 March 2017

Information about leaving one’s body in Auroville

Expressing your last wishes

The Farewell form “Serious Events in the Lives of Aurovilians” (otherwise called the Farewell form) offers an opportunity for an Aurovilian to express his or her preferences about how the body will be treated in the period between death and burial or cremation, and how the funeral will be arranged. It is available on Auronet under Auroville Services—Farewell—Farewell form. This form may be downloaded and printed out. Instructions are given in the document. Besides being able to hand it in person to any member of the Farewell Team, it is also possible to leave it in a sealed envelope at the Farewell facility on Crown Road any morning except Sunday between 10-noon when a worker is there to receive it. The name of the person filling out the form and community may be written on the outside of the envelope.

What to do when someone leaves the body unexpectedly and you are the first to know of it:

First of all, sit down for a few minutes and center yourself. There’s not really any hurry and whatever follows will be more consciously done if you stop and breathe and call Mother.

There are several phone calls that will have to be made:

  1. In case of accident, crime or suicide Auroville Security must be contacted: 944-309-0107 or 944-336-2691.
  2. Call the personal physician to issue the death certificate. If the physician’s name is not known, call Santé (0413-262-2803) or the Health Centre (041-262-2018 or 0413-262-2123).
  3. If you want help with keeping the body and making funeral arrangements, call Farewell: 890-383-6246.
  4. Contact family members and friends in Auroville.
  5. Call Mauna to prepare the Massmail announcement: 944-316-8323.

Further formalities and related tasks (not urgent):

For those who are not native to India, the Consulate of the person’s native country needs to be informed. Besides the death certificate issued by the attending physician, there is a need for a legal death certificate to be filed with the Consulate. (Auroville Security helps with this task.) Information needs to be given to other family members (especially those who are living abroad). The accounts for expenses incurred during the event (if Farewell services such as viewing room, funeral, transport, etc. are used) need to be cleared at the Financial Service. Financial Service accounts, personal bank accounts and other investments must be closed. If there is a will, it needs to be found. (Some are kept at the Financial Service.) The Housing Service can be informed so arrangements can be made for the transfer and care of the house in the meantime. (This may include care of pets and plants during an interim period.) Usually personal items are distributed by the friends or family members unless an executor has been named in the will to do this task.

The link to this article on Auronet is: [...].

There you will find some useful contact numbers.

Farewell (Helena B., Michael K., and Suzie)