News & Notes 690:India Sessions at Bhavishyate, Bharat Nivas – Overview and Closure

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11 March 2017

India Sessions at Bhavishyate, Bharat Nivas – Overview and Closure

“India Sessions Dialogues: Past, present, future challenges” were started as a discussion group on Current Affairs by Mona with the support of Mr. BalaBaskar and Aster on 25 Jan 2016.

We have held the following 18 sessions anchored by different experts:

  1. Indian Administrative Services: Origin, training and relevance (Mr. BalaBaskar)
  2. Economic growth and poverty: the Indian experience (Mr. BalaBaskar)
  3. Historiography of Tamil Nadu: An alternative viewpoint (Ram Subramanian)
  4. Food and Agriculture: Can India remain self-supporting in food? (Mr. BalaBaskar)
  5. Energy and development paradigms (Toine & Mr. BalaBaskar)
  6. Kelai Draupadi: Tamil koothu tradition (Mr. Sashikanth Ananthchari, documentary film maker, Chennai)
  7. Redefining Secularism (Aster Patel)
  8. The Indian Judicial System (Mr. Suchindran Baskar Narayan, Chennai)
  9. Ecological Sanitation in India (Lucas)
  10. Skill training: Make in India (Lavkamad)
  11. The Auroville Foundation Act (Mr. Suchindran Baskar Narayan, Chennai)
  12. UNESCO in India: Defining cultural history (Galia Souma)
  13. Challenges in the health sector in India (Mr. BalaBaskar)
  14. Indian Art Traditions: An overview (Prof. Swaminathan, Chennai)
  15. India-Tibet Relations (Claude Arpi)
  16. Subaltern history of pre and post-Independence (Leela Samson)
  17. Mahabharata Immersion: One-day workshop (Raghu Ananth)
  18. Sanskrit Oral Tradition (Prof. Swaminathan)

Recording of all sessions are available at the following link with photos and PDFs where available:

All this was possible by a small grant from Bharat Nivas to invite persons from Chennai and host them. After one year, it is time to take a break. I thank everyone for the encouragement, support and especially those who came to the sessions.

Mona (Yantra, mona (at)