News & Notes 690:A spoon of honey from the ocean of spirituality!

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11 March 2017

A spoon of honey from the ocean of spirituality!

I was always informed by my mentor that we have to surrender ourselves to the divine Mother at each and every stage of our life (since she is the origin and driving force). Well, now something rises in my mind. Hope you don't mind sharing it with you.

Somewhere I read that every one of us is a tiny piece of this vast Universe which is nothing, but every individual is a piece of light or fire in reality. Thanks to my professor who taught me the law of energy which states that energy is neither created nor destroyed but can be transformed into one form to another. Yes! I believe that every Soul has separated for self-evolution but at one point all the souls should be collaborating and surrender back to the divine Mother to attain the supreme power again. As far as I understand, that's what The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have mostly talked about!

By the play of the divine life was created into this universe when the supreme power scattered into tiny fire balls. And once again the Supramental life will only be achieved when the souls merge together after their own evolution. In fact, the first step is already taken in the name of Auroville.

Some references from Nuclear Engineering:

  1. Nuclear FISSION (splitting) is a process which produces an abundance of energy.
  2. Nuclear FUSION (joining) is a process which produces many times more as much energy as nuclear fission.

But the only problem is that the fission process can be easily achieved but fusion needs to follow up many conditions. Hopefully, let's play our role in the most possible best way and surrender ourselves to the divine Mother, that's where we started! Om!!

This is all what I get from his statement, after all I’m a poor mechanical engineer.

Mathan (Prayatna)