News & Notes 689:Something central to add to our 50th birthday program

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4 March 2017

Something central to add to our 50th birthday program

From the LOE-CHU Research Section:

For nearly fifty years there have been (and still are) between us in Auroville too many conflicts. Whether big or small, they have always inevitably had some damaging effects for Auroville, as a whole or through one or the other of its parts, and that's such a pity. In this year 2017 still at its beginning, my own most intense wish is that I myself may learn even better, 1/ how to avoid starting new such conflicts in spite of all the good will I generally have towards others, and 2/ how to dissolve those conflicts when they already exist, often since so long that they have become entrenched seemingly forever in all the persons involved.

I know most of you feel like me and want sincerely to find a way towards more harmony between us, more mutual understanding in spite of all our so diverse personalities, more reciprocal compassion for the defects we still all have - only each of us has different ones!… We usually notice more readily the defects of the others, simply because they are different from our own, and may seem more reprehensible in our eyes… Well, that's just the ordinary human judgmental tendency at work!

But there might be also still deeper misunderstandings and misgivings, radically wrong readings of each other's motivations, and that is much worse: for this is how those Forces who try to block or slow down or distort the growth of Auroville (and through it, the growth of the New World) are playing havoc among us, making us distrust each other so deeply that it becomes impossible even for the sincerest person to prove one's good faith, and the collaborations that could and should have brought to fruition certain projects come to an end, the persons involved separate - and that's exactly what those Forces were trying to make happen all along, for it serves their purpose wonderfully! Let's be aware that they can – and of course they do – even make us interpret the intentions of the other one(s) as the very reverse of what these intentions truly are.

But let's still not despair of ever having between us the true understanding and harmony that should be there for Auroville to become what it must become.

Here is Sri Aurobindo's so simple but so precious advice when things seem impossible to change, including in ourselves and all the more in our collective Sadhana:

“What one cannot do oneself one can get done by calling the Mother's force.
To receive that and let it work in you is the true means of success in the sadhana.”[1]

With my heartfelt best wishes for this 49th Birthday and the whole year to follow: may the Mother's Force, during this year, transform us all enough to be a truer, more harmonious Auroville on our 50th Birthday!