News & Notes 687:Water Ceremony for Auroville’s 50th Anniversary (An appeal for collecting water)

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18 February 2017

Water Ceremony for Auroville’s 50th Anniversary (An appeal for collecting water)

Dear Friends,

There will be a water ceremony after the early morning meditation of February 28, 2018, in the Amphitheatre. It is proposed that water from different water bodies of the world be collected and brought to Auroville. Bringing together of water from all over the world in a symbolic ceremony at the centre of Auroville would not only mean a prayer for unity but also a prayer for this diminishing resource for the whole world. We need the collaboration of the peoples of the world to make this event come true.

We invite Aurovilians, Newcomers, Guests, Visitors, Friends of Auroville,
representing different nations of the world to help us in our endeavour.

Please bring us a little water from your country.

If you wish to participate in this attempt then this is what we propose:

1. The water must be from a lake or lakes, or from a river or rivers from your country.
2. The amount can be anything between 500ml to 1000ml from each water source. Can be a smaller quantity if bringing it over pauses a problem.
3. If possible, to be boiled or sterilized in some manner to avoid transfer of harmful microorganisms.
4. To be bottled in a leak proof bottle and carried in the luggage that is checked in.
5. Each bottle must be labeled with:
1) name of the county
2) source of the water
3) mentioning whether sterilized or not. (If not, then the sterilization will be done over here.)
6. The water must reach us anytime between November 2017 and 18th February 2018. It can be earlier than November if necessary.

We are open to suggestions as to how it can be done.
Please contact us at worldwater (at)

Looking forward to a collaborative effort from all.

Matrimandir Events Team