News & Notes 687:Auroville Council Report for November, December 2016 and January 2017

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18 February 2017

Auroville Council Report for November, December 2016 and January 2017

Internal from the Council

Collective Intelligence Training with Jean-François Noubel: the Auroville Council invited Jean-François Noubel for 7 weeks to improve our ability to understand and foster the best of our Collective Intelligence in our processes within the Council. Jean-François’ pioneering integral approach and his expertise in Collective Intelligence deeply inspired and challenged us. It contributed a lot to the bonding within the group as we welcomed 4 new members in November. The group commits and aspires to self-reflection and evolving practices. Jean-François shared his expertise with other Working Groups and with the wider community. We will soon inform the community with a more detailed report. For more information regarding Jean-François and the 6 agreements, please see the January Working Committee report point No 3

Diving into Google: Min and Mike offered a session for the entire AVC team the basics on Google drive.

Representatives in other working groups: Renuka in the BCC and Sundar in the Housing Board


Entry Service secretariat: The Entry Task Group (ETG) together with the Petitioners and interested Community members are reviewing the Entry Policy. Soon a GM will be held and the Council, together with the ETG will come up with one or more proposals for Community feedback. Meanwhile the new Entry Policy is on pause for new applications. The ETG follows the request to look into unclarities for some of the announced Newcomers under the new policy. We will keep the Community updated.

Town planning and development

New TDC: The selection process is being worked out by the study group, Working Committee, Auroville Council and by the RAS. The core group for TOR (Elvira, Suhasini, Shama, Mamata) are processing feedback on the TOR document (Term of Reference) that will be soon shared with the community for ratification. The feedback for the TOR from the Working Groups is almost finished.

Matrimandir Garden development: Please see the January Working Committee report point No 4


Auroville Health Services (AVHS): The Auroville Council was approached by members of the AVHS regarding the challenges that they are facing. A sub-group of Auroville Council together with Working Committee, after looking into the matter have recommended a solution to the FAMC. It is being further processed by the FAMC.

Mental and Emotional Health (EMH): In the month of December, a pilot group for Emotional and Mental Health in Auroville was set-up. This group consists of ten members in total: Jerry B, Sigrid L, Fif L, Siegrun, Barbara, Rita E, Moghan, Linda-Grace, and Palani with Inge (Wcom) and Sandyra (AVC) as support. The group met few times, and is now busy working and reflecting on the scope of the EMH Group, the roles and responsibilities of each of the members, a proposal for announcement to the community, forming a core group which will take up coordination, overview and responsibility, administrative support, budget needs, and others. The Working Committee will keep the community updated in subsequent reports.


Silent listener-observer: In accordance with the amended version of the “Participatory Working Groups and 3 Day-Selection-Process of their Members” of March 2016, the AV Council, in collaboration with Iris, wishes to announce the creation of a Pool of Silent listeners / observers into which the members of the working groups can tap occasionally, for a certain period of time or permanently for support during their meetings. Iris is working with the pool of silent listeners to orient them to the work. The Council will soon present this list to the working groups: for more info please see the link: [...]

Appeal Process: The Appeal Process has been approved by the community and takes effect from now on. The process was put forth to the community after incorporating the feedback received in November 15, 2016. Following that a GM was held on 9th December, 2016 for questions / answers on the Appeal Process.

The intention of the Appeal Process is to create a framework to meaningfully address occasional serious dissatisfactions of individuals with Working Groups' decisions. It answers to a pertinent need in our community to restore a balanced collaboration between Working Groups and individuals.

Please find the Appeal Process doc on the following link: [...]

Sexual Harassment Policy: The Auroville Council with the WCom set up the Internal Complaint Committee along with the sexual Harassment policy which has gone through the community feedback process and is now taking effect. Please find the policy on the following link: [...]


Auroville Learning Activities (ALA). A meeting was held on 18th January 2017 in the Unity Pavilion, with stakeholders of learning activities in Auroville. The presentation gave a brief overview of the guidelines, with a focus on financial contributions, as well as a proposal for implementation. The Auroville Council will give its recommendations to the FAMC, and afterwards share an update with the community. The ALA Study Group plans to complete this exercise by the end of the current financial year.

School bus safety: The AVCouncil met with Aurovile Transport, the School Board, and Auroville Safety and Security Team and have made a task list for the safety of the school bus for the children, involving a collaboration of these groups and the road service. The work is in progress.


The AVCouncil has met with Divya and Lyle to understand better and have an overview of our internal financial structures.

HRT team was invited for a common sharing regarding maintenances, contributions and better coordination and communication on cases reaching our tables.

Peace & justice

Shivam Forest Conflict: Access issue between Thanachezian and Sangaraparanan.

Representatives of the Council and Working Committee met with the Forest group on the 3rd of February at Udumbu. It was decided by the Forest Group together with the AVC and the Working Committee representatives that the status quo will remain and the issue will be looked at after a period of one year (February 2018).

We have been involved in trying to solve some conflictual situations regarding AV residents. Thanks to Koodam and WCom for their help.


Aspiration Badminton ground topic: The Arbitration decision has been shared with the concerned parties and the implementation / monitoring process will start soon.

Kalpana/ Vikas communication: The Kalpana construction advances on schedule, with harmonious collaboration with Vikas, now established. We thank Elvira for the facilitation in this process and the cooperation of both parties.

For the Auroville Council
(Elisa, Enrica, Martin, Marc, Matriprasad, Mita, Renuka, Sandyra and Sundar)