News & Notes 686:Update from the Entry Task Group

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686 icon.jpg   News & Notes 686
11 February 2017

Update from the Entry Task Group

Dear Community members,

The Entry Task Group (ETG) met for a second time with those who have expressed strong objections to the content of the new Entry Policy. Matilde, Valérie, Otto, Giri, Doris, Umberto, Sonja, and Monique have agreed to join the Entry Task Group (originally consisting of Mandakini, Angela, Ranjith, B, Sandyra, Enrica, Elisa, Noel, Sindhuja)

The expanded ETG has organised itself into three subgroups to look into the domains which are listed below. These subgroups will present the results of their work to the expanded ETG, which will then make recommendations to the AVC and WCom for a community ratification of a revised Entry Policy.

1. Process and Structure including Roles and Responsibilities: (Umberto, Sandyra, B, Doris, Otto, Giri). This subgroup will define and recommend a revised Entry structure and process including a set of roles and responsibilities guidelines for internal purposes.

2. Conditions / Filters / Prerequisites including the wider implications: (Sonja, Valerie, Mandakini). This subgroup will make recommendations on the appropriate criteria in the different stages of an applicant’s Entry Process, keeping in mind the wider implications on our socio-economic growth and Auroville’s absorption capacity of newcomers.

3. Review of Cases Past and Present (since the effect of the New Entry Policy/ Recommendation to the AVC on the Entry Service's ongoing membership): (Matilde, Monique, Enrica, Angela, Ranjith). This subgroup will:

a. Review all applications and status of all categories (Newcomers, Aurovilians, etc,) that have been processed under the New Entry Policy since it came into effect and make recommendations on each case to the AVC and the WCom for their joint decision.
b. Make a recommendation to the AVC on the membership of the Entry Service during the ongoing transition.

The expanded ETG and each subgroup will build on and fine tune the work done so far as expressed in the proposal of the petitioners and that of the original ETG. It may decide to call for a General Meeting or a series of workshops to discuss its findings and conclusions in consultation with the AVC and Working Committee, for a community ratification process via the RAS.

For any questions on the above, please contact the expanded ETG at: etg (at)

Thank you,
The Auroville Council and the Working Committee