News & Notes 686:A sad story or Memento mori!

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11 February 2017

A sad story or Memento mori!

My dad, a former judge, wrote the attached article which might be of general interest to the community.
– Birgitta Voz

As a former judge I got involved in the following case:

Some years ago an Aurovilian died suddenly. He was married in the Aurovilian way which means that they were not married legally and with no share of the inheritance to his wife. The inheritance consisted of some thousand Rupees in India and some hundred thousand Euros abroad.

The deceased had left two identical wills in which he named his wife as his heir, which yet were typed and signed by him. Those wills were null and void as neither written totally by hand nor signed by two witnesses according to the Indian law.

Therefore the legal heirs were his brother and a half-sister abroad and not his wife. Those finally consented that the small amount of money on the account in India should go to his wife. They filled special forms of the State Bank and had them confirmed by a notary. This however did not bother the State Bank at all, not even did it give any advice if some form or statement was still missing. Now since two years a case is pending somewhere. Considering honoraries and fees there is little hope that in the end some money may find its way to his wife.

So if you have money in India and abroad make sure that your will is in conformity with the Indian law or with the law of your country of origin. If you choose the Indian law for your will, it is advisable to do it with the help of a notary to prevent your heirs from trouble. If you have only money in an account in India it will be sufficient to sign a form called <Power of attorney or Nomination form> yet explicitly beyond death that allows a designated person to withdraw the money after your death without further complications.