News & Notes 685:The Entry Policy and the Wideness of Auroville

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685 icon.jpg   News & Notes 685
4 February 2017

The Entry Policy and the Wideness of Auroville

The new Entry Policy has again brought forward the subject of how open and flexible we are as a community towards people wanting to join Auroville. With the ETG continuing its work on making ‘revisions’ of the new policy, I offer a little perspective on the wide and open approach Mother actually had towards Auroville. It seems that many people wish to pick and choose their favorite quote by Mother to justify their own beliefs or preferences, and then disregard the rest which highlights important aspects of the Spirit that Mother was trying to infuse into our collective consciousness. Mother said many things about Auroville, and it is only when you read all of it, study all of it, and go deeper into it, that one can find the Truth that lies behind the words.

Some people like to focus on the very simple idea which is captured in the following quote by Mother: “….in Auroville simply the good will to make a collective experiment for the progress of humanity is sufficient to gain admittance.” Other people will react and say that Mother also said other things – She put emphasis on very high qualities and levels of consciousness in order to be a True Aurovilian – being a “willing servitor of the Divine Consciousness”, going beyond all Ego in life and having attained the ‘inner discovery’, and the role of Auroville for manifesting the new species. On the one hand, Mother’s comments about who can gain admittance are kept extremely Simple, while on the other hand She has placed very High Spiritual qualities for us to live up to. These very High qualities were obviously not meant to be used as a means to keep people from becoming members of the community, for if we look closely we shall see that nobody in Auroville, now or in the beginning, live up to these high ideals, yet. It seems clear that Mother wanted to create a place which was Open and Flexible, and kept the ‘requirements’ for living in Auroville very simple and focused on the willingness of a person to work for Human Unity, for humanity. She also gave us, however, a Higher Vision that She wanted to inspire us to try to live up to, to create, to grow into – but never suggested that we should be capable of living it all before being allowed to be a member of Auroville. She even sent people away from the Ashram to Auroville, to see how they would work out here, She gave people the opportunity to live here who She clearly saw doubts about, and She gave people who made mistakes new chances to grow into the life in Auroville (as She did also in the Ashram). She did not make conditions relating to the amount of money a person had or from what country they were from, or whether they knew anything about Her and Sri Aurobindo, nor did She wait for everything to be ‘ready’ in terms of organization, economics, housing, work, etc. to allow people to join. She kept the door quite Wide Open, because She Herself was Wide and wanted a field of Play for all aspects and difficulties of life to be worked upon by Her Presence, to Transform them in a deeper way by allowing a free play of things so that the difficulties presented (by people or situations or anything of life) would be considered as Opportunities to Change, to see the Truth behind, to work more deeply on, and to trigger a greater Aspiration in the Collective Life so that a new society and a new Life might be truly born.

When we take all that She said together as One Body of Wisdom and Knowledge, we find that in regards to Auroville’s Entry Policy, it should be as Simple, Flexible, Open, and Welcoming as possible – because it is She that is at work through all the people that come to Auroville, even if they represent something that we find difficult to accept or to work with. There are of course times that we will need to send people away from Auroville, to reject people who obviously do not contribute to the community or are committing acts that don’t reflect the values of Auroville, but this requires the community to finally stand in its own power to say No at times – to have a way to say No in exceptional cases. However, our fears of these exceptional cases should not be what dictate our Entry Policy and the Spirit behind it. We should not be trying to control every possible potential problem that might come our way from the very beginning – this is simply the road to becoming Judges of others, which Mother did not want. Auroville should be a place of Opportunity and a Wideness of Possibility – including for those who may not live up to our own individual ideas about living in Auroville. Instead of trying to judge, filter and reject, we should be trying to inspire those people, while living our own Truth by example.

In Their Light,
Noel Parent