News & Notes 684:Launching Shared Transport Service (STS) for Auroville

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28 January 2017

Launching Shared Transport Service (STS) for Auroville

Earth & us in collaboration with Auronet and Auro Cabs and support from 150dpi (Sathish, Surrender) has started a not-for profit Shared Transport Service (STS)

To save money and carbon emission,
you can book a taxi through:
+91 413 2623 200 | +91 413 2623 201 | +91 8270512508
sharedtransport (at) |

The more people use this service the more we all will save and reduce carbon emission.

It is estimated that 50 taxis go to Chennai every day during the peak season. Most of them heading for the Airport or Railway station for a pick-up or a drop. That is more than one Taxi every hour of the day. This results in a monthly expense of 31 lakhs and carbon emission of 60,970 Kg - Yet, limited sharing of taxis is happening. Key reasons for this are:

  • We are using multiple taxi operators
  • Taxi operators have no real interest in Taxi sharing as they lose revenue.

STS will combine rides and use the same taxi for return traffic. We will cover basic costs and pass on bulk savings to travellers. We will strictly not make any profit and we will publish our accounts.

With this new service, the most you will pay is as much as you pay today. The cost will go down as we get more people to share.