News & Notes 682:The Best Feeling on the First Day!!

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14 January 2017

The Best Feeling on the First Day!!

On 1st of January 2016 (last year), I have attended a musical meditation in Matrimandir. This essay is a reflection of my experience there. The theme of the meditation is "sending our soul" to the sky & bring down the divine force here. Everyone played different instruments; my instrument was a piece of pipe that actually produces some good sound when one rubs it. In this essay, I have described the evening RED CLOUD as the bird. Hope you will understand the whole story & enjoy a bit.

Initially I was cleaned up by some musical shower. It was such a joyful experience when we got rid of all our burdens. The moment when I felt the lightness, I started flowing in the atmosphere. Yeah, the whole idea was sending ourselves to bring that beautiful lady bird to the nest (Earth).

It wasn't such an easy process like I had thought; I had to rub the soul pipe to produce the optimum frequency which led me to find her.

Of course, I am a newcomer and certainly there were a lot of chances for mistakes. Fortunately, I am not the only one in the process. Some experienced souls were already there.

The team supported me for a while, actually longer than needed. During the whole process, I was so conscious about the rubbing factor that it somehow created some lack in the finding process. Meanwhile the sparrows & parrots were interrupted. It was a completely clean sky. I have no idea where she is!!

Yeah, I haven't seen her before. I don't even know what she looks like, her colour, not even a single hint about her. While realizing this, almost everyone around me finished their process and remained within a deep silence.

I got a guilty feeling that I couldn't find her. My head slumped and my eyes became an ocean. Silence.. Silence.. everywhere!!

Wait a second; I can hear something, something so sweet. Is it her!? Yesss... Yes! It’s her! It’s her!! She is like the first droplet of the rain and bloom of a fresh flower. She has the warmth of the evening sun & the brightness of the full moon, and the smile of a newly born child.

The most interesting part is the colour; it’s Reddish, known for abundance of power. I hope just to notify this poor creature, this time she appeared in that colour. Because I was the only one in Red clothes among the whole crowd.

God... She is smiling again!! Feeling Blissful! Om!

Mathan (Prayatna)