News & Notes 682:Land Board Report November and December 2016

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14 January 2017

Land Board Report November and December 2016

  1. We wholeheartedly welcome the new FAMC group and wish them all the best in all their future endeavours.
  2. Land Board met with the Special Tahsildar (Stamp Duty) in Vanur for the lands R.S.No. 232/2 0.26 acres in Irumbai village, Vanur taluk and provided him the necessary information to be able to receive the documents and thus in the process saved ₹ 70,000 of unnecessary fees which would otherwise had to be paid to the Government.
  3. We are in constant touch with the Tahsildar in Vanur and have had a joint meeting with The Secretary, Auroville Foundation and the Collector in Villupuram regarding certain encroachments like Barakka, Udavi School and Adventure and have requested them to take necessary steps to help us take action against the encroachers.
  4. Land Board has purchased 96 cents of BO 63/6a1 and BO 64/8a1, 8a2 near Pitchandikulam in the Green belt area to further consolidate our lands.
  5. After persistent negotiations reached an agreement with the lesser of the Temple land between Certitude and Samasti for 3 years. The passage which was blocked was then re-opened again to Aurovilians.
  6. Land Board along with TDC and Road Service had a joint meeting with the Secretary for the work with respect to the diversion of the road close to Horizon IR 331/4 the work which had been put on hold for now, will resume soon.
  7. A fence has been built in the boundary line of AuroOrchard where there was an issue with the neighbour which was settled with the help of stewards. This will ensure that there is peaceful co-existence between both parties.
  8. In November and December 2016 an amount of ₹ 11,540/- was collected from timber/firewood sales.
  9. For all units and activists interested in buying firewood or timber please call 0413 262 2657 and fix an appointment.
  10. A gentle reminder to all who wish to participate in consolidating Auroville lands that contributions can be sent to Financial Service Account No : 0100

Land Board (Divya, Gerard, Kannyappan, Sandeep, Suhasini, Sukrit)