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7 January 2017

iTDC GM report on new projects

Dear community members,

The iTDC team and the RAS would like to thank the residents who attended the General Meeting held on the 22nd of December 2016 (70 present), presenting new upcoming projects. See link in Auronet: [...]

Please find below a brief processed outcome as discussed by the iTDC, based on what the team understood is required for the individual projects:

  • Detailed Development Plan for Res. Zone Sectors 1 & 2 (done by Luis Feduchi): used as a reference document only. This needs further neighborhood consultation and gradual updates in individual Land Development Units.
  • Greenbelt Development Plan (done by David & Achva Stein): the Forest Group has criticized the proposal in its present form. The iTDC will invite them along with the Farm and Green Group to detail and explain their comments in order to bring this work to a certain usable framework.
  • Projects which will follow a normal process including community feedback (via applications to be published in the News & Notes before Site/Building NOC is given) are: Mitra 2 and Orchard housing (Auromodel).
  • Housing projects Soffio, Creation and Fulfilment in RZ Sector 1 will be requested to collaborate at site planning level to be able to address hydrology and sustainability issues, and ideally work on a shared space planning (please see note at the end of this report on the need to step away from individual projects to a broader and more inclusive township planning).
  • Projects that need FAMC consultation apart from a normal process (including community feedback) are: Auroville Consulting, Svaram Campus, Conscious Living and Welcome Hub.
  • The HIVE: the iTDC is waiting for the Building Application to be submitted. During the meeting, it was mentioned that the project holders could organize further consultations with the Pump House residents to harmonize further steps. Similarly, Auroville Consulting is advised to continue the dialogue with Pony Farm residents. The iTDC is happy to assist in these processes if wished for.
  • The project for Shared offices is put on hold and will be studied further. The main issue here was the question whether the present location is appropriate.
  • The Solar Power plant by Varuna needs further public consultation (to be worked out with the project holders, working groups and the RAS).
  • Kalpana Sports Center will be published in the News & Notes for feedback. Site NOC will be coupled with the need to address issues related to noise and crowd management.

The iTDC acknowledges the need for more cohesive planning strategies that consider the entire city and not only individual projects.

As expressed in the meeting, special topics such as land protection, roads and the Electricity Master Plan etc. will in any case need dedicated and individual community processes.

The RAS will keep the community informed about further steps.

Thank you,
Isha on behalf of the RAS and iTDC team