News & Notes 681:Report of the GM on the New Entry Policy

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7 January 2017

Report of the GM on the New Entry Policy

Dear Community,

We apologize for this delayed report about the recent Entry Policy General Meeting, but the ETG members were unable to meet immediately due to the holiday weekend and the feeling that the group needed a short break to reflect and process the meeting. As most of you already know, in response to a petition signed by 65 people calling for a vote to suspend the new Entry Policy and address various concerns, the Entry Task Group (ETG) organized a General Meeting which was held on Tuesday, December 20th, where approximately 120 people attended.

At the GM, the ETG presented the work it has been doing over the past month to clarify and address the concerns presented by the community and the petitioners, while also presenting some preliminary proposals that could help alleviate many of the concerns regarding the functioning of the Mentor Pool and other issues of the Entry Policy. The call for more participation in the improvement of the new policy by the community and petitioners was made, and some volunteers came forward.

Following the ETG presentation the meeting was opened for questions, clarifications, suggestions, and ideas on how to move forward together. Many different comments were made with a mixture of positive support for the work being done as well as continued concerns that the new policy needs to be completely refined and all details worked out before the possibility of re-opening the Entry process could happen. A call for suspending the new policy was made by some of the participants, but the details of this suspension were not entirely clear or agreed upon by all.

The ETG proposed to have a Work Session involving the Mentor Pool members and the wider community to further develop the preliminary proposals put forth, including the possibility of a new Mentor Board which would take up more responsibilities in processing new applicants and supporting the Mentor Pool. This potential idea was well received by the attendees, but some details and concerns still need to be worked out in the Work Session. It was also proposed to work out details regarding other concerns, like the guidelines for mentors, in a future Work Session. We would like to propose the date of Saturday, January 14th as a suggestion for the first Work Session. We will confirm this date and the location soon.

The ETG will continue to move forward as shared in its presentation. We will keep the community informed and involved until asked to stop, or given a new direction by the community.

Again, for more information and details, please see the links provided, to access the ETG presentation and the notes taken during the GM: [...]

Thank you very much and we appreciate everyone's patience and willingness to be involved in this very important subject of our community life.

The Entry Task Group (Angela, B, Elisa, Enrica, Mandakini, Noel, Ranjith, Sandyra, Sindhuja)