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7 January 2017

A Utopia in Peterburg

"We will create the new joy and would put the past in the place where we built for very long time the ladder to heaven"

(Maria Steshina, from her Russian poem which she wrote in 2003 in Peterburg, her age was 17).

Maria Steshina from Peterburg lived in the Aspiration Guest House for eleven days in November and December. She was born 26 May 1986 in the Far East of Soviet Union, near the Amur River. In numerology her number is one, it means non-duality and consciousness. She is a poet and told me that in Peterburg there is a cafe with the name “Auroville”. It is in the centre of the city, its address is Raditcheva Street, number eight. Raditchev was a noble revolutionary, Ekaterina the Great sent him into exile in Siberia.

Maria (or Masha, Mashunya) said: “there is a good atmosphere in the cafe, it has Indian cooks, the food is vegetarian; many spiritual and creative people visit it. There are exhibitions, concerts and meetings in the cafe.” In Auroville I visited the cafe above Solar Kitchen... But in Peterburg there are about thirty cafes with free tea, coffee and cakes. The visitors are paying only for their time spent there (for one hour or more) – and it isn't expensive.

Masha wants again to visit Auroville with her daughter Milana who was born in Peterburg on 26 Nov, 2006. Milana's number in numerology is nine - that's Auroville number. Maria was born in a Tiger year under Gemini constellation, Milana in a Dog year under Sagittarius. The stars are always good for Auroville, Peterburg and their residents. The utopias in these cities are transforming into a nice reality.