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31 December 2016

Pool of Silent Listeners / Observers

In accordance with the amended version of the “Participatory Working Groups and 3 Day-Selection-Process of their Members” of March 2016 (see paragraph below), the AV Council wishes to announce the creation of a Pool of Silent Listeners / Observers in which the members of the working groups can tap occasionally, for a certain period of time or permanently for support during their meetings:


A silent listener offers her/his service as a silent observer of the working group in the spirit of a supportive presence of the community, holding a space of unity and harmony.

  • Silent listeners are Aurovilians invited to be present during the meetings without participating in the discussion or giving comments/opinions on the topics, neither during nor any time after the meetings. In exceptional cases a non-Aurovilian may act as silent listener in agreement with the Working Group.
  • Silent listeners may be invited by Members to give their observations in a manner to be determined by the Working Group. The Working Group can invite 1-2 silent listeners to sit in on their activities/meetings.
  • Required features: silent presence, learning, goodwill, restraint, equanimity, confidentiality.

Therefore, we are asking Aurovilians who are interested to serve as Silent Listeners / Observers to contact us if they feel in accordance with the following requirements and conditions:

Are you:

  • Taking time regularly to concentrate / meditate in silence?
  • Able to stay quiet and in silence even when there are people talking around you?
  • Deeply connected to the Spirit of Auroville?
  • Able to keep confidentiality?

Then you can serve as a Silent Listener.

And Auroville needs you.

For a few years the idea of Silent Listeners / Observers attending Group meetings has been brought up and accepted by the community. Yet it seems that this is still more of an idea then a reality and needs to be structured and developed in order to be fully implemented and effective.

Silent Listeners / Observers attend meetings in silence and hold the connection to the Spirit by staying connected to it inwardly no matter what is happening in the room.

They will be meditating, concentrating or just sitting there quietly. Their state of stillness will contribute to helping participants of meetings keeping their own centeredness.

They do not need to know anything about the topics that are being discussed. They do not even need to listen to what is said. They won't be in the mailing list of the working group they are supporting. Their main work would be to hold the space in harmony and support.

Iris will be the resource person for the pool of silent listeners, please send us an email (avcoffice [at] if you are interested to be one of them.

The Auroville Council