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31 December 2016

My own Auroville

My own Auroville is not hysterically online. It is not necessarily located near the Industrial Zone, and leans preferably towards Savitri. My Auroville speaks spiritual poetry and refuses to become a holiday resort for bourgeois tourists. It wants to remain what it was, is and forever will be: a Great Adventure!

My own Auroville doesn't want to be invaded by cars, trucks and Incredible India buses parking now every night a few hundred meters from the Matrimandir; but it massively approves Marlyse's redeeming Electric Vehicle Service project to develop electric transport. My Auroville considers the heaps of garbage punctuating the surrounding villages, beaches and roads as a problem much more important - and complex - than the few dozen unwanted persons who might surreptitiously infiltrate the community.

My own Auroville stands, peaceful and silent under a silver star-studded sky, it sways to the beat of the Mother, lives only to serve Divine Consciousness, and sees no other reason to exist - really none.

My own Auroville is not governed by regularly challenged rigid rules, but by intuition - let's not regress, let's drop somewhat all this nebulous bureaucratic paraphernalia, please. Now that many ancient Aurovilians are ready to step down, it is time for those taking over today to bootstrap this courageous turn by uniting their strength, like guardians of a temple, in order to stay the course. My friends, let's trust and pray for Auroville, the City at the service of Truth.

Jean-Luc (Auromode)