News & Notes 672:An Emergency – “Ecce Homo!” (Latin) – Here is the Man!

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672 icon.jpg   News & Notes 672
5 November 2016

An Emergency – “Ecce Homo!” (Latin) – Here is the Man!

Not far from Repos on the Pondy-Chennai road I had a very bad accident. A motorbike hit me, all my body was wounded and bloodied. But I could move and reached the Health Centre. That day was a Sunday, I met only the watchman. In that case I visited my friend Nagapan in the Aspiration community. He took me on a motorbike; we went to the Kuilappalayam pharmacy. Nagapan bought some medicine, I had no money at that time but later on he refused to receive money as compensation. We returned to Nagapan’s house, he prepared some tea and his wife Shuganya gave me some turmeric powder (an antiseptic for the wounds).

Thank you, Nagapan and Shuganya! A friend in need is a friend indeed. I remembered an expression of the ancient Rome: homo homini lupus est – a human being is a wolf for another human. My Lord, it’s nice that I live not in ancient Rome but in Auroville! Many times Nagapan helped me. Not only Nagapan. On 28 October I visited Auroville typography for fresh News & Notes. I was returning, near Deepam when my old bicycle chain came out. My efforts with fixing it were useless – the cycle is not simple. An old Tamil man came on his cycle near me. He returned after a minute and helped me very quickly – like a professional master. Nagapan and that old “master” – such people are friendly and always ready to help. C’est la vie – that’s life in Auroville.

I asked my Lord, who is Nagapan? “He is the new incarnation of the Greek doctor Hippocratus” (this name means “power of horse”). In my previous incarnation I lived in ancient Greece and saw Hippocratus – he was very similar to Nagapan. Déjà vu – I saw him already.