News & Notes 662:Feedback received on Working Committee report June – July 2016

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27 August 2016

Feedback received on Working Committee report June – July 2016

Dear Community,

The feedback received from the community with regards to the June-July report was overwhelmingly positive. The community has encouraged us to continue with this reporting system, namely, that in addition to publishing it in the News&Notes and on Auronet, Aurovilians now also receive it in their mailbox. This gives everyone an opportunity to respond, ask questions, and provide feedback without necessarily needing to attend a General Meeting.

The request to translate the report in more languages, such as Tamil, French and Hindi has been noted.

One feedback in particular mentions that some topics in the report tend to be vague. Although this may be the case and while the information published is accurate, some topics can only be better explained orally. The General Meeting held on 9th August, shortly after the report was published, was specifically to provide more information on certain topics that cannot be published in a public forum. Additionally, we would like to emphasize that we are always available during open office hours for further information. You may write to us or call our office seeking further information on any topic.

Another feedback was about an update of the long-pending situation of the Dinesh Restaurant across from the Eucalyptus grove. Although we haven't delved into that topic, we make a note of it and will report back when we have something substantial.

We thank you all for taking the time to provide feedback and for your continued encouragements. Our August report will be out soon.

Sincerely, The Working Committee