News & Notes 660:Hymn to Sri Aurobindo

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660 icon.jpg   News & Notes 660
13 August 2016

Hymn to Sri Aurobindo

The Effulgent Sun that is lighting up my being, building it anew,
The Constant Friend who is ever counselling this wayward wanderer out of glamorous pitfalls,
The Supreme Healer who is soothing this trouble-stricken soul with gracious calm,
The Patient Goldsmith who is chiselling this rough ore into a pure ornament,
The Beloved Gardener who is clearing up this hideous forest into a divine Paradise,
The Great Painter who is fashioning this smoke-hued picture into a bright living form,
The Wondrous Architect who is dexterously hewing this rough material into lovely shape,
The Powerful Dynamite that is blasting up this crude inconscient rock into vibrant life,
The Fiery Rocket that is piercing the subconscient gloom, flooding it with Light,
The Rare Touch-stone that is transmuting this crawling clod into wondrous gold,
The Mighty Master who has condescended to transform this erring mortal into immortal!!!!

Submitted by GangaLakshmi