News & Notes 659:Auroville Community Transport for Goods (ACT-G)

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6 August 2016

Auroville Community Transport for Goods (ACT-G)

Similar to ACT’s community transport for passengers, I am starting a community transport service for goods that Aurovilians procure from outside of Auroville. Currently, a number of us go to Pondy or Chennai to buy materials either for ourselves or for our units. This new service will reduce the need for multiple people having to bargain from the same vendors and transporting goods individually. Instead, this new service will facilitate collective bargaining and purchasing of goods from outside of Auroville, and will home-deliver products to Aurovilians or Auroville units.

Brief outline of services to be provided:

Collective purchasing

  • Procurement of goods such as stationeries, home appliances, other household items such mattresses, or even groceries from stores such as Nilgiris in Pondicherry. For example, most Aurovilians buy mattresses from one or two stores in Pondicherry; if a service does all the coordination with these suppliers everyone will get a better price.

Delivery service at door steps

  • Delivery of goods procured from Pondicherry on a daily basis; and delivery of goods to be procured from Chennai on a weekly basis (For example: all Guest Houses buy sheets and linen from one or two stores in Chennai but go back and forth individually)
  • Delivery of products shopped online (Currently, Aurovilians buy products on Amazon and Flipkart, but their delivery representatives do not know places within Auroville and hence struggle to deliver. I have discussed with Amazon about doing the delivery using local youth; youth will get employment and Aurovilians will get products on time. Amazon is open to the idea.)

Benefits of the new service:

  • Time/energy/money/ resource saving – instead of everyone going to Pondicherry for purchases, one service will get it done, and will save time and energy. In some cases, it will result in money savings too, if there is aggregation of demand and collective bargaining.
  • Door delivery: Delivery on time and to the right people, and not struggling with unknown delivery people like in the case of Amazon now (as per discussions posted on Auronet)
  • Reduces pollution by not using many vehicles-– less bikes of e-tailers; less vehicles roaming around to deliver products such as beds.
  • Less traffic with in AV
  • Creating employment for local youth

How will the service be offered?

  • For a small fee, the service will take orders from Aurovilians over phone or email, and deliver goods on a periodic basis.
  • The service will initially employ bioregional youth, who already have a small load vehicle on a contractual basis to buy goods from Pondicherry, and deliver it in Auroville.

If you are interested in using this service, please call +91-9786350006/9444340006 or email: deliveryservice.auroville (at)