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16 July 2016

Auroville International – News from the Centres


The German, UK and USA centres have published their informative newsletters so as to keep Auroville’s friends, well-wishers and donors updated regarding developments in the City of Dawn and activities in their respective AVI centres. You find links to these always enjoyable epistles here below (the Dutch one is in the making right now, but can be downloaded from the link given below in a few days’ time):

  • Germany: [...]
  • USA: [...]
  • UK: [...]
  • Holland: [...]


The AVI Belgium liaison has become a fact: the team went through the acceptance process and is happy to start functioning. Its five members belong to the two Belgian communities, both Flemish and French speaking, are spread throughout the country, and there’s a good mix of age and gender. The group, whose main goal is to make sure through a variety of activities that “Belgians will have the possibility to know more about what Auroville is and what it is not”, is led by Mr. Renaud Aubecq of Chaumont-Gistoux, who can be reached via auroville.belgium (at)

Address list

A recently updated list of contact details of the 9 AVI Centres & their Antennas, and of the 26 AVI liaisons / contact persons, has been sent to the various websites concerned and can be obtained from vani@ or mauna@.

For all AVI matters, contact vani (at)

This column is maintained by mauna (at)