News & Notes 654:Among the Gods

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2 July 2016

Among the Gods

“O Flame! The pilgrim-sacrifice on every side of which thou art with the environing being, that truly goes among the gods”

Sri Aurobindo
Hymns to the Mystic Fire, p.459

The songs were everyday from 11 to 21 May in the buses and in the Nature Camp. A Korean girl, Ganga, and some other girls, her friends, sang for everybody’s pleasure. I liked especially the Beatles’ “Submarine”. If they sang “We are living in a yellow submarine” I could see a winged submarine above my head with the label “Made in Heaven”. The Angels created it without one rupee, they are the Karma Yogins.

I received enlightenment under the winged submarine – like the Lord Buddha under the Boddhi tree (or Peepal, the botanical name Ficus religiosa). My third eye opened and I understood that Ganga’s mother, Surya or Park Young Sun, is a new incarnation of the Egyptian God of Sun – Ra. And Ganga is an incarnation of the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti. Surya is a talented artist; I visited her exhibition in the Tibetan Pavilion in Jan. 2015. Many nice Ganga’s portraits were among other paintings.

From the time to time I see the winged submarine above me and again my third eye opens. In June a business lady Viji Joy from Kerala was in the Aspiration Guest House. Her name Viji means “Victory” and for me it was clear that she is a new incarnation of the Goddess of Victory: Nike from the ancient Greece, Victoria from Rome.

In 1968 Auroville was inaugurated in a semi desert landscape, it was not a good place for these Goddesses, for the Victory of Joy. After almost half a century Auroville has become a green spiritual oasis among the material world with its industrial madness and crazy traffic.

Victory of Joy does a victorious war of goodness, nature, harmony, beauty, kindness, wisdom, and love against evil, ignorance, violence, roughness, and unbalance. The Asuric force of darkness is strong but the divine power of light will win. Aurovilians transformed this semi desert hell into a green Eden; it is a positive example for the future triumph of life against the enemy – a monster which is killing Nature.