News & Notes 653:Auroville Bio-regional Sports Update

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25 June 2016

Auroville Bio-regional Sports Update

The last two weekends, AVAG, Auroville Sports Resource Centre and Dehashakti in association with the Paalam youth network, has conducted sports events for individual and teams from Auroville and 18 villages in the Auroville Bio-Region.

June 12th was a lively athletics championship with 140 athletes competing and last Sunday the volleyball girls and boys tournament were officially opened by Mr. Bala Bhaskar, Mr. Srinivasmurthy and Chali from SAIIER and teams were welcomed by Frederick, Alain Bernard and Santo. Twenty two settlements participated from in and around Auroville.

Stay tuned for the men’s finals tournament coming Sunday, June 26th at Auroville Sports Resource Centre, New Creation, all day from 7.30 am when 20 teams will compete.

This event was organised to foster a sense of team spirit among youth. Also, to emphasise the importance of physical education and the internal discipline and drive that comes with it. These sports days also help to bridge gaps between the youth of the villages and build community ties with Auroville. It is hoped that this is the starting point of more concentrated development of sports in the Auroville bio-region.

Please come and support the final event, details above, and financial contributions, to cover costs, are most welcome to AVAG account 0226.