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18 June 2016

Auroville International – News from the Centres


AVI Germany, AVI Netherlands, AVI UK, AVI France, AVI Liaison Luxembourg and the Italian Pavilion group have considerably contributed toward the temporary European House in Auroville’s International Zone. The remainder for this venture may come via the European Parliament where interest has also been expressed for a permanent European Pavilion at a later stage.

Related to this is the possible formation of an AVI Belgium group. Sonny of AVI Luxembourg and Belgian Maurice – the latter has been since years associated with AVI Netherlands and has been organising exhibitions and fundraising events in Belgium – have been in contact with an interesting group of Belgian individuals, most of whom have stayed in Auroville for a while and one of whom is Marc Luyckx’s daughter and her family. On 29 May they came for the first time together as a group in Louvain la Neuve (New Leuven) and are in the process of forming an AVI Liaison Belgium team. As the European centres yearly meet somewhere in Europe itself, this European gathering, which is planned for 30 September till 3 October this year, may take place in Louvain La Neuve instead of in Berlin.


Aurovilian Paola De Paolis has once again given a presentation on Sri Aurobindo’s work in Italy. The talk on Savitri was given in the IBIS esoteric bookshop in Bologna, northern Italy, in the evening of 11 June. Focus was “Savitri – a Legend and a Symbol”: the true story of our past, present and future as depicted in Sri Aurobindo's poetic masterpiece.


On Tuesday 21 June another “Café Auroville” will take place in Paris. This time it will be a ‘Meeting with two Aurovilians’, namely Rakhal and Dominique who happen to be in Paris at the time. As they both extensively work with/for volunteers in the City of Dawn, and Rakhal has also started filming again, they have a wealth of information to share with the audience. Auroville has also been present in Paris’ L’entrepôt, Biosphère Culturelle, where from 1 till 26 June Aurovilian Marie-Claire Barsotti exhibits her ‘peintures intuitives’.


And last but not least, just now the June issue of the Dutch monthly newsletter came out. Apart from the announcement of a discussion between Henk Thomas (Economics for People & Earth, The Auroville Case 1968-2008) en Gijs Spoor (initiative taker UnLtd Tamil Nadu & [[Integrated Enterprises Lab in Auroville) to take place in Amersfoort on Thursday 16 June, it gives, once again, numerous photos and links to items such as Narad’s interview with Alain Grandcolas, Srini’s film clips of Bernard Borg, Kripa, Torkil and Renu; to Georges Moustaki (1934 – 2013) singing in French the first five lines of Sri Aurobindo’s “Reason was the helper; Reason is the bar” as published in Thoughts and Glimpses; as well as to a number of other interesting features occurring in the City of Dawn, announcements of upcoming gatherings in north India and Denmark, a new AVI coming up in Belgium etc. . All this can be perused at: [...].

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