News & Notes 651:International Zone Monthly Report – April 2016

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11 June 2016

International Zone Monthly Report – April 2016

IZCT policies/ guidelines

The International Zone Coordination Team (IZCT) has been working on updating the Membership Guidelines and the General Principles and Guidelines for the building of Pavilion Clusters. Both will be incorporated in the IZ Mission & Organisational Guidelines after inclusion of feedback received from the wider IZ Team and approval of the IZCT.


Russian Pavilion

Sergei, the Russian architect, travelled to Moscow to meet Ruslan, a potential donor. Ruslan is keen on being part of the process of planning and designing the Russian Pavilion and has offered his architect to assist. Several proposals will be prepared and put forward for consideration in Auroville. The Russian Pavilion has been requested to collaborate with the East European group to reach an agreement on the upcoming cluster in the area. The IZCT sent a letter to acknowledge their collaboration with the IZCT.

East European Project

The IZCT held a meeting to discuss the Dobro Dosli project proposed by Bogi & Tatiana. It appears that the project is mainly focused on housing for Bogi and her family, although still a Pavilion Group project. As there are already several temporary housing projects in the area (Sankalpa), it would be able to fit into one of them for this need. The Eastern European group was encouraged to collaborate with the Russian group and their architects on the design of this cluster and reach an agreement for the development of the area.

Italian Pavilion

Representatives of the Italian Pavilion were invited to IZCT meeting on 18th April. They were informed that they would have a choice to build a temporary or a permanent pavilion. Once finalized, the guidelines and rationalization of the clusters concept will be conveyed to the Italian group, which will allow them to study and understand them.

The temporary European House project proposal, drawings and budget will also be shared with the Italian Pavilion, as they will contribute 1.2 Lakhs to the project. The temporary European House will be a common space.

Temporary European House

The IZ European House project received 5.5 Lakhs contributions for the temporary European House from AVI Germany, AVI Netherlands, AVI UK, AVI France, AVI Liaison Luxembourg and the contribution of the Pavilion group of Italy is in the way. However, 8 Lakhs are required to start the development. Sonny Benoit (AVI liaison Luxembourg) informed the team that she met with Claude Turmes (European Parliament Deputy), who could arrange funding of 2 Lakhs for the solar energy system. He would like to receive a budget and details of the project as soon as possible. He also expressed the desire to send an official delegation from Luxembourg for Auroville 50th Anniversary. Furthermore, he is very interested in the permanent European Centre as well and wishes to receive information about the project.

Permanent European Centre

Not all the land allocated for the European Centre is available at the moment. The European Centre group agreed to do some preliminary work and establish a budget estimate. Helmut, Vikas (AVI UK) and Christoph (AVI Germany) have worked on the project.

The European Centre group met on Friday 6th May to brainstorm ideas. The group wants to make a call for avant-projet from Auroville and Auroville related architects. The group is still working on the brief that will be included in the call.

Bharat Nivas

Several members of the IZCT had a meeting with the members of Bharat Nivas Trust to discuss Bharat Nivas Development Plan, Loop Road, Maison du Monde (temporary housing project) and the wastewater treatment plant.

Centre for International Research on Human Unity (CIRHU)

There has been a great participation, especially of youth, in the several meetings CIRHU has held during the month of April. A list of potential interns has been established by IZCT with idea for their activities (model village, IZ Crown Parameters and Unity Plaza, Framework for a Detailed Development Plan, Urban design and water management, etc). The IZCT discussed the possibility of setting up a legal structure for the organisation and administration. Linda Grace is exploring the several possibilities with Unity Fund.

Auroville Consulting

The IZCT had a second meeting with Martin & Vikram from AV Consulting, to further discuss their site and building application for a development in the International Zone (opposite Language Lab on the Crown Road). The project will be for office space, accommodation for students & lecturers as well as meeting spaces. AV Consulting will collaborate with Youth Link for additional accommodation. The IZCT is in support of the project and a building application shall be submitted to L’Avenir / TDC.

AV Consulting is also requested to conduct a socio-economic study on the relationship between income generation and services in the International Zone. They may look into it.

IZ Planning & Development topics

  1. The extension of the temporary French Pavilion was approved.
  2. The IZ P&D will work on a site application for CIRHU.
  3. A survey has been done regarding the improvement of the existing Loop Road Marking. It is suggested to use pipes filled with cement instead of the plastic tagged nail marking. As it is urgent, IZCT will advance the money to get the job done and TDC will reimburse afterwards. Machines will be rented from the Matrimandir team.
  4. IZCT has decided to inform L’Avenir regarding some unauthorized development that has been done in the area of Naggapan and Grace.
  5. L’Avenir has been contacted to do a geophysical survey of the Eurasia area.
  6. Youth Link/ Hive project: Grace and Lakshmi were informed about the project and explained that it will come to the fenced area they are managing.
  7. The IZCT wants to work on a strategy with Land Board to approach landowners for the purchase of their plots of land.
  8. The physical development of single standing Caretaker Houses in the IZ was discussed and an agreement was reached that such type of housing should be discouraged. The IZCT encourages caretaker accommodation to be built either as part of the Pavilion design or be a separate housing development on the Crown Road.


There has been a major break down of the water distribution installation. B undertook a major repair work to the common water system. The total expenditure for repair work and new parts was Rs. 42.000.

Auroville 50th Anniversary – Focal Points

L’Avenir / TDC explained that no approval from them was needed and they expressed their wish to see an open invitation for artistic designs for these points. The IZCT discussed the issue and agreed to detail the process that was done to invite Pierre Legrand to submit a proposal.


The IZCT explained to Krupa and John (residents of Sankalpa) the rationale behind the adjustments in the Loop road made by TDC. Due to the adjustments, there will be a part of the Loop road that will touch a corner of the Sankalpa Art Centre. Krupa will contact TDC to discuss the matter.

Regarding the proposed 15 temporary houses (Housing Service project) within Sankalpa area, Krupa and John felt that there is not enough space for 15 houses. It is agreed to visit the site with some members of the IZCT and the residents of Sankalpa along with an architect, in order to come up with a solution of mutual satisfaction.