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4 June 2016

New Entry Policy in Effect

As of July 1, 2016, the new Entry Policy ratified by the Community is effectively being implemented. After a couple years of work by a Sub-Group, the Auroville Council, the Entry Service and Community Meetings, finally it is coming together. For the effective implementation, two important meetings will be held this month.

  • 17 June (Friday) MEETING OF THE MENTORS (current and future) at SAIIER Conference Hall at 5-7pm
  • 22 June (Wednesday) WELCOME TALK (for info, for new applicants, for Newcomers who started from Jan. 2016 onwards) at SAIIER Conference Hall 3-5 pm

A new booklet is being published for these meetings that gives a brief overview of the new policy. Of course, the full policy is available online and accessible on the Auroville website as "Current Admission Policy." It is also on the Auronet: […].

The Entry Service