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4 June 2016

A Wandering Samurai

“Samurai journey. Walk tall, speak little, bend like bamboo”

(in Marti’s book “Japan Haiku”, Auroville publishing, 2005, p.35)

The Mother lived in Japan for four years. She liked the country, people, culture. Now in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram the Mother’s museum is not far from the Samadhi but it is difficult to find it for the first time. It opens every day (not in the holidays) from 9 to11 a.m. I like to visit the museum, often with the Auroville’s guests. There is a room in the museum full of the Japanese things. Some of them the Mother brought with her, other ones were presented by the guests from Japan. If I enter in the room I feel me as a wandering samurai in the journey.

This year I arrived in the Auroville Nature Camp together with the second group on 12 May. But it seemed to me that I reached Japan. I asked the caretaker Arumugam: what happened in the camp? He answered: “Swaha made the Japanese garden”. In this life she is a teacher of the Transition School, a French but in the previous incarnation Swaha was Japanese and the Mother told her: “Do the Japanese garden in Auroville Camp in the May 2016”. Swaha said in the French: “Pas de problème” – no problem.

Swaha didn’t use money for the Japanese garden in the camp, therefore it has a miraculous power. Near the Japanese garden the children are becoming indigo – superchildren. The Auroville Botanical Garden wants to do its own Japanese garden but using money.

Money kills nature. For the samurai there is a new “bucido” – codex of honesty: help the Nature, fighting against the corruption, money and greed. All samurais of Japan gathered and decided: the International Net of the Japanese Gardens shall be, and Swaha will be the President of the Net.