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14 May 2016

Auroville the Ganga

For all Aurovilians,

I want to offer the following poem to you, written by Meenakshi from Auroville: “Auroville the Ganga” (Translated from the original Tamil)

With lots of Love for everybody,
GangaLakshmi (Savitri Bhavan – House of Mother’s Agenda)

Auroville the Ganga

(Among the peaks of the Himalayas in a small remote corner, source of the river Ganges)

Once before
You were born in Manasarover:
Once again
You were born in the heart
of Sri Aurobindo
and brought up at the lap
of the Mother
who stands high as Himalayas,
fragrant with dew of white

Auroville The Ganga!

desiring your presence on earth
O Ganga,
performed a mighty tapasya.

We are all Bhagirathas:
We are a new Bhagiratha.
Do you understand
the severe tapasya
We perform to bring you
to earth, Auroville Ganga?

Auroville the TRIVENI!

The fountain of this soil
mingles three waters:
Ground Stream of the Land,
Salt-sweat of all humanity’s
hard labouring bodies
and showers from above.
The gods who watch
mingle their waters
ever fresh in you,
Ever-living and growing river.

Auroville the GANGA

You are the first
among rivers leading
and among poems
a new poem, universal.
Beginning in a small corner
you will spread widening
like the sound of AUM.

Auroville The GANGA!

Everything is there
existing in you,
what else is there?
Upon your banks
the fertile soil
of many lands new-greening,
air-roots of the Banyan.
On the surface of your waters
floating flowers honeyed.

Eagerly the birds
from everywhere come flying
to see your dear face.

Auroville the GANGA!

The great souls
chanting and diving deep
in you
dissolve their separation.

O, Mahamukthi
from where did you learn
this art of elements
that cleanse our lives?

let me breathe you always.
let me put this burning
self in you.

Let me be Thee
Let me be Thee