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14 May 2016

Auroville International – News from the Centers


The annual meeting of AVI Germany, just now held in Christianopolis near Bonn/Cologne, finished on Sunday 8 May and Friederike found the time to send this short report:

This year the meeting saw an exceptionally high number of participants – 95 people gathered from all parts of Germany. Among them was the new group of Weltwaerts volunteers ready to start their service in Auroville in August, as well as quite a large group of ex-volunteers who like to remain in contact with Auroville and AVI. The meeting programme focused on Auroville’s 50th anniversary and the AVI contribution towards it. A lot of creative ideas were developed, along with offers to help in the preparation and organisation of events. Aurovilian Gijs’s presentation on UnLtd Tamil Nadu was very well received and also inspired the audience to develop ideas on how to support this great initiative. The ‘Report from Auroville’, a yearly recurring topic at these meetings, this time highlighted, among other things, recent developments in the International Zone, activities of ‘YouthLink’ and of the Campus Initiative with its ‘Joy of Learning’ programme, as well as the various undertakings of the Auroville Consulting team. Altogether it mirrored the impression, which was brought back from this year’s international AVI meeting, that there is a fresh, ‘young’ wind energising groups and structures of Auroville.


Sonny Benoit, our AVI representative in the country, continues to maintain contact with Mr Claude Turmes, member of the European Parliament for Luxembourg's Green Party. Mr Turmes is interested in following up on a preliminary European House in Auroville’s International Zone; contact has been made between him and the International Zone team, and funding and other details are being discussed.


The AVI France team will hold another Café Auroville session in Atelier Fil Rouge on Saturday 21th of this month, this time under the theme of ‘What kind of economy for Auroville?’ Also here, a special guest will be Aurovilian Gijs Spoor, who’ll present his UnLtd Tamil Nadu and its development in and around Auroville.On 28 May the Centre will conduct its day-long General Assembly, also in Fil Rouge. After a film on Auroville and general updates regarding the work of AVI France in the morning and a potluck lunch in the Atelier itself, an ‘Emergence Café’ will be held in the afternoon focusing on the fifty years of Auroville. At the end of the afternoon, Ms Bang Haï Ja, the renowned Korean painter who also visited Auroville in January this year, will present her work through her ’Song of Light’ film. The day will end in style with a Hindustani concert by Indrani Mukherjee (vocals) and Apurba Mukherjee (tabla) who happen to be in Paris at the time while touring France. For registration and/or further information, contact aurovilleinternationalfr (at)


Although it isn’t a specific AVI USA event, the team invites us all to the annual All USA Meeting (AUM) that takes this year place in Lodi, California from 30 June 30 - 4 July. A keynote speaker will be Francis Rothluebber, who produced the extraordinary documentary ‘Auroville: City of the Dawn’ some 6 years ago. IAC & AVIUSA Board member Julian Lines will highlight the ‘Acres for Auroville’ programmes and speak on the history of the Integral Yoga in USA, while Aurelio and Aviram will present Auroville. Some work scholarships are available on a first-come basis. See the AUM website for more details.

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