News & Notes 649:Auroville Council report for the months of February, March and April

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14 May 2016

Auroville Council report for the months of February, March and April

Dear friends,

We are happy to give you an update of our work from February to April 2016.

Two AVCouncil members, Veronique and Guy, resigned from the team. Presently they are helping us as resource persons when needed.

If you feel a call to get involved with some of our work, please write to us at: avcoffice (at)

Our Topics:


The New Entry Policy has been ratified from the Resident Assembly in April. The AVC Entry Subgroup is now working with the present Entry Service Team to implement the new policy step by step. We are in the process of the formation of the mentor pool.

If you want to know more about the new policy please look at [...]


The new FAMC Mandate has also been ratified by the Resident Assembly in April. The implementation will start from July onwards.

If you want to know more about the new mandate please look at [...]

The new Leaving Auroville Allowance has been drafted by the AVC and sent to the FAMC for their input. Soon it will be published for the community feedback.

Planning & Development – Infrastructure

Restructuring of TDC/l 'Avenir - After the GM on Feb. 2nd about the future of TDC, a subgroup was formed under the AVC who decided for a 4 phases' process with the final aim to have a new functional Town Planning & Development Body & Mandate by November. The objective of the 1st phase was to identify key issues and facilitate a 2 day workshop to synchronize the vision and common values and point out the way forward. The next phase will include the wider community work in task groups around specified topics and come up with concrete proposals presented in a GM in July. Community feedback will be implemented all the way along.

A report about the 2 day workshop is published in this week N&N and a call out for participation within the task groups will follow soon through intranet and RAS mailing system.

Interim TDC/l 'Avenir - The AVCouncil and the WCom are about to form an interim TDC / l 'Avenir team. The aim is to strengthen the present group till a new functional Town Planning body is selected by November 2016. The call for nomination of candidates is out to the community and we will shortly announce the transitional team. Housing Service & Board: The Auroville Council met individually with members of the Housing Board and Housing Service in order to understand and improve the internal functioning and find solutions through differences. Satyakam, Devasmita and Aurovici are not anymore part of the Housing Service and Board. We have requested the community for 3 temporary Housing Board members, until the new Housing policy is finalised and ratified by the community. This will take time because a coordination with the new FAMC and the new TDC groups is needed in order to start a new sub group process on Housing.


Adult Learning Activities (ALA): an Auroville Council subgroup is working on regulations for Adult Learning Activities, a sector that needs to be developed for the future. The subgroup organized a meeting with Manuel Thomas concerning service taxes and another meeting with more than 70 stake holders took place. The group recently met the BCC and the overall work is in progress. For a more detailed update another posting is present in this issue of the News&Notes.

Peace & Justice

New Appeal Process: The AVCouncil and the Working Committee along with some resource persons have introduced the Appeal process doc. Some sub group members have met with FAMC, TDC and Housing to present the Appeal process doc and integrate relevant inputs . The Appeal process procedure will soon be brought to the community for feedback. As with other policies, we propose to have a trial period of 12 / 18 months before RA ratification.

Aspiration Sports ground: The Auroville Council and Working Committee has come up with a joint proposal which has not been accepted by one side of the concerned parties. The issue is now for arbitration.

Windarra arbitration implementation - Still work in progress

Governance / Organization

Selection Process: In July, we will initiate a process for a yearly temporary Feedback Review Committee. The next selection processes are for the new FAMC and the new TDC / L'Avenir, as well as the new replacements for the AVCouncil and the Working committee.

Auroville Council representatives in other working groups:

  • Daniel / Marc for BCC
  • Matriprasad for FAMC
  • Renuka for Housing Board
  • Sundar for AV Safety and Security team
  • Sandyra for RAS / ARA


Mental Health: The Auroville Council has a positive exchange/sharing with Friederike and Manfred from Auroville Health Care; they have been invited to present their ideas around the topic of mental health care. The Council will support any initiative concerning this topic.

Integral Animal Care

IAC subgroup: Sundar and Marc are regularly meeting with IAC team. There have been improvements in fencing the compound, making it safer. AIC team needs a full time coordinator to oversee the daily operations and attending requests. Maintenance of the place is kept well by the staff and a vet is providing sterilization and other treatments on a regular basis. The AVC sub group will continue meeting the IAC team and look forward to find a coordinator. If you are interested in getting involved please write to us : avcoffice (at)

Pending issue

Matrimandir: the topic of renewal of Executives and other related issues is still pending on our table. We are looking for capable resources' persons to form a sub group, if you are concerned and feel motivated, please write to us: avcoffice (at)

We have regular collaboration with: Working Committee, Koodam and RAS

Our team spirit aims always at harmonization, facilitation, collaboration and trust.

Warmly, The Auroville Council