News & Notes 648:The Animal Farm

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7 May 2016

The Animal Farm

“Four legs good, two legs bad. All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others “

(George Orwell, 1903-1950, “Animal Farm”, 1945)

The tsunami’s waves didn’t reach the Aspiration community because it’s situated about two kilometres in from the shore and about 25 metres above sea level. But in 2016 on 11 Febr. the ocean arrived in the community. The very gifted girl-artist from Mumbai Mugdha Swetha, a guest of the Aspiration Guest House, created a masterpiece, the picture on the dining hall’s wall: a jellyfish and whale. Two strangers saw it, both gods of the seas: Poseidon from the ancient Greece and Neptune (the ancient Rome). Poseidon told: “Excellent!”, and Neptune: “I agree”.

Every time if I see the superpicture I remember what is voluntary work according to the best rule of Karma Yoga: “Do and not ask money”. There is also no money in the ocean between the jellyfishes and the whales. But on the Earth Day, 23 Apr. I read in the N&N (p.6): “Available apartments in the city area priced between 20-60 lakhs, are no option for many, especially for the youth”. Aurovilians are equal but maybe some of us are more equal than others.

There is in the ocean an alternative for the golden apartments. Majority of the molluscs make their personal houses, functional, beautiful, eco-friendly and priceless. These simple and attractive minibuildings are called shells and there is a science about the shell – conchology. In Aspiration community I have gathered a conchological collection and receive a great joy to see this natural architecture.

Last November I was sick and stopped collecting shells. But the mighty Lord sent in the community His kind angel, Doctor Amarnath. He cared about me like my dear parents and gave me new life. An ocean of gratitude to the divine doctor! He never asked me: “Show your money”. Karma Yogins of the world, unite!

My collection now is more and more rich. In the future Auroville will have an oceanarium and many scientists – conchologists. Not one from them will be more equal than others, I’m absolutely sure.