News & Notes 648:Land Board Report – March & April 2016

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7 May 2016

Land Board Report – March & April 2016

  1. The “Harvest lease” which took place on 8th April 2016 was successful and an amount of ₹ 3,43,866 was received through it.
  2. An amount of ₹ 5,00,000 which was allocated by FAMC has been set aside for the fencing which is taking place in the Nature Camp in Kodaikannal R.S.No. 1330 which was under the threat of encroachment
  3. Land Board has successfully settled the long standing dispute (10 years) with Mr. Arumugam and family from Kuilapalayam with regards to 4 acres of land around Maitreye area, which was the reason for constant tension and conflict. The area around Maitreye can be used for further development without interference or disturbance. FAMC has been informed of the matter. // We would like to thank Peter Kali and Eric of previous land groups and Mr.Balabhaskar who had lent their support and advice for settlement of the matter.
  4. We have purchased and taken possession of the lands in Greenbelt in Mattur village R.S.No. 312/1b, R.S.No. 313/1c2 with a total extent of 1.345 acres.
  5. Lease deed for the Alankuppam temple land has been finalised for five years starting from 10th March 2016. We thank Ponnusamy for his help.
  6. We are facing a problem with a neighbour who is illegally preventing access of peromboke land around Visitor Centre to Auroville (IR 231/2). This matter got serious when Land Board and people from Visitors Centre went on the land. This matter was reported to police with the help of the Security Service and is still being pursued. A complaint is being filed with Tahsildar for this blatant misdemeanour.
  7. Land Board is working in collaboration with the new Security Service members, and Working Committee introduced the new members in a common meeting. We welcome the new Security Team.
  8. Land Board along with Srijita from Security Service, Christian and the Police are working on encroachment in AuroOrchard and hope to resolve the issues soon.
  9. Land Board was invited to a joint meeting of AV Council and Working Committee regarding the progress of the group and a self-assessment.
  10. We thank the Invocation community for moving of the Invocation gate to the Crown Road and for the generous donation of ₹ 5,000/- offered by Ms. Mirajyoti.
  11. Some of the private landowners within the masterplan area are only interested in exchange and not sales, in such situations the Land Board undertakes studying the options of potential outlying land that could be offered as exchange. So we send surveyors to map the outlying lands which could be used for exchange. Recently, in one such case, we had an ugly incident when an Aurovilian prevented a surveyor from entering the land and shouted abuse at one of the Land Board members when she personally went to help resolve the standoff preventing the survey. This behaviour is highly condemnable.
  12. The Land Board would like to appeal to all Aurovilians to monitor the fences around their settlements, forest and farms to prevent encroachment and contact the green group and then Land Board if there are encroachments and land grabs. If stewards are unable to protect, Housing Service can be approached to allot places for Aurovilians and Newcomers seeking houses.
  13. ₹ 1,68,515/- was received from timber/firewood sales in March through April 2016.
  14. For all units and activists interested to buy fire wood or timber – please contact Kannyappan or Sandeep or call 0413-262-2657 and fix an appointment.
  15. A gentle reminder to all Aurovilians who like to contribute to consolidating Auroville lands can send in their contributions to the Financial Service account #0100.

Land Board (Divya, Gerard, Kannyappan, Sandeep, Suhasini, Sukrit)