News & Notes 648:International Zone Coordination Team (IZCT) Monthly Report, 03-2016

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7 May 2016

International Zone Coordination Team (IZCT) Monthly Report, 03/2016

Common waste water treatment plant

It is recommended by the IZ sub group Planning & Development (P&D) that a waste water feasibility study should be done for the International Zone by L'Avenir. It was agreed that a request letter for such a study will be send to L’Avenir. The wastewater treatment plant will be big enough for the whole IZ area, and the drip irrigation system will be used to water the gardens. A Housing project will be nearby, but there is enough land for both projects.

IZ Planning & Development & AVI meeting

A plan was presented to the AVI concerning a temporary European House. The construction of the building will take place in 4 phases. As the temporary European House is within the premises of International House, there is no need for a caretaker. Fund raising for the construction and a solar system for the building, will be done in collaboration with AVI. The site and building application is send to L'Avenir. So far 5 countries have contributed and committed themselves to the project.

A trail of temporary Landmarks (formerly referred to as art installations) at 14 focal points in the IZ

The IZ project 50th Anniversary has been presented at IZ general meetings. As there was no objection found, it was agreed that there is no need to contact the IZ neighbors separately. We approached TDC/L'Avenir for approval and their reply is that the TDC needs not give permission for these focal points as presented to them. For the 50th birthday it is important that the Community learn what the IZ is about. Working Committee and Governing Board requested not to present only Arts & Culture but also the other aspects of IZ should be presented.

The purpose of the project is to create in the IZ a trail of 14 landmarks that unifies and connects the 14 focal points, clusters of pavilions, pavilions and the existing activities. They are located in all continents of the IZ and are an expression of unification and connectivity through harmony and beauty. It is an invocation for a unified and universal campus on Human Unity. The landmark will be considered 'temporary'. After a healthy sharing about which artist(s) to approach, it was agreed to approach Pierre Legrand first, and to ask him to make a proposal that IZCT is not in any way obliged to approve. Whenever he is ready he will be invited to share his vision with us. So far we didn't receive from the preliminary participatory Planning Forum 50th Anniversary that we missed "a deadline".

IZ water situation

More requests are coming up for the International House water tank. Luca needs to be involved as he is proposing possible connection of the IZ to the elephant tank. Security is needed because the system is automated, and if a pipe breaks the water will not stop. This is a topic for the L’Avenir, and P&D. The water is for everybody but the technological questions need to be discussed. At present there are no meters and nobody contributes, therefore all costs are on International House at the moment.

Welcome Hub

Procedure for the site application of the Welcome Hub was fast tracked because of the 50th anniversary funds needed, to be applied for as soon as possible. The site recommended by ICTZ is pending, and for TDC to decide. It has to be further reviewed by the IZCT.

Bogi’s housing situation

It was discussed at length. Concern was expressed about the difficult situation faced by her and her family. They stay in a house in the village, therefore she has difficulties with her visa – coming on a tourist visa this time. She has asked for IZCT support for having a temporary house in the IZ near to Sankalpa. However, it was pointed out that Housing Service (HS) who is the project holder of this site, should be the first contact for her housing project. The IZCT has no say in their decision. They recommend only site applications (SA) but they could write a letter of recommendation in case needed. It was pointed out that the IZCT should not give preferential treatment to members of the IZ Coordination Team. It was agreed to write a letter from the group to Bogi, explaining the situation.

Italian (temporary/permanent) pavilion

It was noted that there was some confusion in previous minutes concerning the Italian pavilion which stated that the Italian pavilion group wished to build a temporary pavilion, whereas they now seem to wish to build a permanent pavilion (although a temporary one was previously suggested). It was agreed that we should write to the group, explaining the situation and inviting them to come and discuss with the IZCT if they wish. One of the members had a meeting with Samadarshana concerning the Italian pavilion group’s intentions for a national pavilion and possible contribution to the Temporary European House. They have been invited to a meeting with the IZ Coordination team to share their plans.

Communications with Vlad and Russian Group

Martin has been corresponding with Vera to facilitate communication with Vlad, the Russian donor Ruslan and the United Russian Pavilion. It was agreed that we need to ask for a response from Ruslan concerning our proposal. It was further confirmed that, as stated in the letter to Ruslan (Russian donor), that any statue should be placed inside the Russian pavilion, and will not be a focal point for the cluster.

Budget/Financial Guidelines

A new draft of the financial guidelines has been prepared by Linda Grace and Martin. Some feedback has yet to be incorporated. The IZ Technical Office "expenditure without approval" has been increased to Rs. 10,000 in the new guidelines, although this was questioned due to our limited budgets. It was agreed that the expenditure on maps is essential, but that this should come from L’Avenir. It was therefore agreed to approach L’Avenir in our meeting with them, to see if a budget (say Rs12,000 per month) could be made available.


A letter has been sent to BCC concerning a request for "Budget IZ Office". So far it has not been approved. Therefore, the funds need to be raised to enable the work to continue.

Support from AVI

The AVI Board agreed to write a letter of support to the Governing Board for the ongoing work in the International Zone. It is hoped that this may result in more financial support for this work.

Pavilion Building Guidelines

They have been circulated to the team, and need to be approved. The team is encouraged to review these General principles and Guidelines for the building of Pavilion Clusters in the International Zone (IZ): it was agreed that this document will be under review and modification for the next three weeks to provide ample opportunity for members to read, reflect, and respond. It was suggested that it should be sent to existing groups. Such as Korean, Russian, French, Italian, Hungary for their feedback (although some are represented in the IZCT) The suggestion to include a general statement about the IZ as an attachment was supported. This will provide additional, contextual information to governments when approached for funding, and those not familiar with the IZ.

Temporary Housing Agreement

This document is finalized with one more input from Linda Grace that Housing Service (HS) should be part of the process from the start.


Information about the project has been distributed to the IZCT. A presentation on CIRHU took place in a first well-attended CIRHU meeting


A meeting with Krupa, John and Elise is planned regarding Housing Service "fast track temporary housing" and the loop road.

Youth Link/Hive

Three members of the IZCT will visit Grace and Naggapan, Mani family and Jayamoorti to make them aware of the upcoming development. They will be informed about being on the HS list of people who need permanent housing. A letter has been sent to Grace regarding the Youth Link site application (SA). On their request, they will meet in April.

Temporary European House

The site application for a temporary European House in the IZ has been submitted to TDC. 5 Countries contributed and made a commitment to the project; UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France. Italy is on the way.

North East Asia Cluster

Hye Jeong reported that a group representing Japan, China and Korea have been meeting together to share the vision for this cluster. They had two sessions with architects and a monk held a ritual on the site which was also attended by the previous landowner of the area who was happy to take part. A survey has been completed of the North East Asia zone, to assist in the planning of the area. An art exhibition has been held at the pavilion of Tibetan Culture.


In a meeting with TDC many topics were reported. Such as Crown road, waste water, electrical supply, loop road, Jayamoorti house, Naggapan and Grace house, Detailed Development plan, Budget request, topographical survey.

Auroville Consulting

They have written to the IZCT to ask us to re-consider their site application (SA). The project was turned down at first, due to the perception from the previous meeting with the group, that the project did not have the international flavour which would fit in the IZ activities. However, more recently they have sent information which may cast a different light on the project. It was therefore decided to reconsider the decision and to invite them to come to our next meeting and discuss the project again. It was agreed that guidelines are needed to avoid such difficulties in the future.