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7 May 2016

In loving remembrance of Luise Hansen

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A few weeks before her 100th birthday our dear elder Luise Hansen left her body on Thursday 21 April in Kobe, Japan. Luise, originally from Linz, Austria had come to Pondicherry in the late sixties and had some personal Darshans with The Mother, and being inspired by the vision of the Auroville Dream could support its manifestation from its very beginning through generous donations to many and various projects like the land, Matrimandir, Animal Care, Dental Care, schools, farms, Verite, Mohanam, Svaram and others.

She had lived in Japan for more than 70 years, arriving there during the Second World War while being evacuated from Indonesia, where she had worked as a child nurse, and had experienced the war and reconstruction years in the nation shattered by the atomic bomb.

Having joined the first study group on Integral Yoga in Japan around MG Patel in Kobe, she visited regularly and had friends in the Ashram and amongst early Aurovilians. Having had successfully built up, with a Japanese partner, a large company supplying medical equipment to Japan, she distributed all the wealth to humanitarian causes and for her beloved animal friends, receiving a high national award for her pioneering work in animal rescue.

She was a shining example of keeping her physical discipline, having been active in sports, well into her nineties and inspite of many falls and hip-and thigh breakages participated even in her late years in dance classes and preferred motorbike rides to bumpy taxis. Till her very last days she remained independent in her activities, keeping up with the daily news and happenings in the world and sustained a vision of a new phase of human civilization and planetary future. One of the Kryon books, translated into 40 languages had a dedication to her: “Luise, our living angel in Japan”.

May she spread her wings into lighter spheres and receive the blessings of all her heartfelt offerings.

(Submitted by Aurelio)

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