News & Notes 647:Remembering Ilse on 05/05/2016 (10th anniversary)

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647 icon.jpg   News & Notes 647
30 April 2016

Remembering Ilse on 05/05/2016 (10th anniversary)

Even-though so many years have passed since you have left us immersed in sorrow on this day (only your body is gone) but your soul is always with us whom we really feel. You are a good supporter, guardian and advisor. Whenever I am in need of any help you always give a helping hand even though now in another form of human being. We never ever had any misunderstanding at all. Our meeting occurred only some years ago but it looks as if we had known each other for ages. We all miss you so much my dear and we love you. Thanks a ton for all your help and we are forever thankful to you.

Your grand-children (Arunachalam & Gothainayagi) & Raji (daughter by choice)