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30 April 2016

Auroville's Culture of Fear – Entry, Health, Policies, Rules...

“As long as there are none [rules], there is hope.”

The Mother, 4 March 1971, Words of the Mother – I, p.239

Throughout my 8+ years of living in Auroville, I have been observing closely our community's attempts to make decisions, create policies, and organize itself across many areas. What has become very clear in these observations is that Aurovilians are addicted to Fear. We cannot seem to recognize how much of our lives and decisions are based upon nothing but fear. It is this fear that drives us to seek to 'control' every problem or difficulty that comes along, or even to control problems that 'might' arise in the future. The saddest result of this fear, especially when it is infused in our community policies and processes, is that we rob ourselves of the Opportunity to grow, and more specifically, to build Consciousness. Fear only destroys Consciousness and ends up only attracting more of the things we fear, and further, ends up creating other unforeseen problems. This is especially true of our 'policies', which is just a fancy name for 'rules.' In the end, we must realize that no system of rules, no policies, will ever stop problems, conflicts, difficulties, especially in a place where the Goal is to grow in Consciousness, to Transform Human Nature. Our need for rules and policies simply reveals our low level of Consciousness and inability to use all situations as Opportunities to Grow, to Heal and to awaken more Consciousness within ourselves and our Collective Soul. Rules and policies do not create or build Consciousness but rather do the very opposite – they weaken people to conform to what is dictated in the policies and therefore limit our ability to take each case/situation/person as unique, which require and deserve the freedom to be open to new and deeper solutions or ways of living.

Yes, we may still need some rules and policies in our current reality, yet these rules must be, as Mother said, as general and as flexible as possible. Unfortunately, we have chosen to try to control everything that goes wrong with more detailed, rigid rules and policies – and most of these never actually help solve the inherent problems. Are we here to do Yoga, or are we here to make everything more easy and comfortable for everyone? Yoga is about confronting problems and divisions and difficulties with an intention to transform them, not putting into place rules that attempt to limit or cut off these challenges and difficulties because of our discomfort ....Yoga is about taking all difficulties and discomfort as Divine Opportunities to find new ways to bring Peace, Harmony, Unity, and Consciousness into the human conditions presented to us in each situation.

In particular, our Entry Process has been for a long time bound up in the community's fears – including especially the forced health screening requirements and mandatory housing policy for new Aurovilians, as well as our general atmosphere of 'judgment' upon Newcomers. There are many aspects to the fears that lie behind these policies and processes, and ultimately they have created too many obstacles (mainly regarding money) for new members to join Auroville. It is time for Auroville to start looking much more deeply into the Psychological and Spiritual essence behind its decisions and processes, to see what they really reflect – Fear or Truth – and what they ultimately Create – Harmony or Disharmony, Peace or Conflict, Love or Anger, etc. If we do not have Compassion for each Soul at the center of our rules and policies, if we don't recognize that our lack of Trust is born only from our fears, our sense of powerlessness and desire to control, if we don't make the effort to Create our society from a space of Integral Trust in the Divine that lives behind all circumstances, situations, and people, then we will only create more fear, more division and more illwill within our community, as well as with the world around us who also hope to see something truly New on the Earth. We must be Fearless and have Faith that all that happens carries us towards the Divine Goal that is our Destiny....if we can rise to the Opportunity given to us with Consciousness, not Fear.

(If you wish to read the Full Article which discusses more in depth our fear-based Entry policies, please go to this link on AVnet: [...]

With Love and Light,
Noel Parent