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23 April 2016

Auroville International – News from the Centers


We’re happy to announce that Australia now has two AVI liaison persons. One of them is Jan Allen [...], long term Aurovilian of Fertile community who was very instrumental in the early greening years of the City of Dawn. Jan currently lives at the continent’s eastern side, near Sidney, NSW, from where she has been representing Auroville since years. She now gets a counterpart at the western side of the country, namely Ms Kavithanjali Ramachandran, an OCI who has been living in Wanneroo near Perth in Australia for the last 9 years. Kavitha has been connected with the Ashram since childhood, has a solid collection of Sri Aurobindo’s, Mother’s and related works and has been regularly staying in Auroville during the last ten years. As she works for the Wanneroo government she found herself, naturally, at times giving presentations on Auroville and what it stands for, and the next step was evident! Kavitha can be reached via Kavithanjali.Ramachandran (at) , while Jan is available at janaviaus (at)


As circumstances of his life forced AVI’s earlier Lithuanian representative, Egidijus Skudrickas, to leave Lithuania, he was most happy to make place for two new AVI representatives in the country, and they are Laime Kiskune and Kazimieras Seibutis, stationed in the capital Vilnius. Laime, originally a pharmacist and botanist, works as perfumer in her own company, while Kazimieras, a journalist and translator, functions as chief editor of the foreign desk in a news agency. As many other members of the former USSR, they were acquainted in their youth with Sri Aurobindo’s, Mother’s and Satprem’s writing via papers circulating in the underground only. After Lithuania’s independence they created in 1991 a Sri Aurobindo study group which is still active. In the mid-nineties Kazimieras lived and studied for a year in Pondy’s Ashram, and both are now grateful to have the opportunity to make Auroville’s aims and vision more known in their country as “We are sure that efforts to present the message of Auroville are necessary for a general understanding that unity of mankind must be based on a more essential spiritual ground.” The pair can be reached via kaziseibutis (at)


The April newsletter of the Dutch AVI centre [...] gives, besides highlights of Auroville’s faring, also a fine translation into Dutch by JanPieter Derkstra of Sri Aurobindo’s ‘Life and Yoga’ introduction to The Synthesis of Yoga. As the centre regularly maintains Savitri gatherings and workshops, and once a year invites expert guidance from f.i. Sonia Dyne of AVI UK or Aurovilian Shraddhavan, this newsletter contains a detailed report with photos of the Savitri Immersion Weekend guided by Aurovilian Rod Hemsell that took place on 9 & 10 April of this year in Holland’s country side.


Once again AVI Germany is preparing for its annual three-day AVI-D gathering, which will this year start on Thursday May 5th. Venue will be the Christianopolis conference centre, near Bonn/Cologne. The centre is run by the German Rosicrucian Society, which has already hosted two events where members of the AVI Germany board were invited to speak about the Integral Yoga.

Interestingly, an exceptionally big number of first time participants and AVI Germany ‘newcomer’ members are among the more than 80 people registered for the gathering. And of course, also the next group of ‘weltwaerts’ volunteers will be present during these days, receiving their first round of training.

An important focus of the meeting’s programme will be the AVI preparations for Auroville’s 50th anniversary. In this regard, the team is especially happy to have Aurovilians Karin and Peter A attending, and also Gijs who will present UnLtd Tamil Nadu & its training programmes for groups of ‘changemakers’. More information can be obtained from info (at)

For all AVI matters, contact: vani (at)

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