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23 April 2016

About PTPS

Dear Auroville Community,

Considering food and essential supplies are basic needs for the community, after reviews over several months, the Budget Coordination Council (BCC) along with the Financial Asset Management Committee (FAMC) has come to the decision that PTPS (Pour Tous Purchasing Service at Aspiration) should be run as a community supported (budget based) service and not one that generates any profit from an Aurovilian. Moreover, there should be increased involvement of Aurovilians advising, and participating in running the service. For this purpose the BCC has requested the Auroville Board of Services to identify at least five active Aurovilians who will be involved with the service.

In addition BCC hopes to set up a Steering Committee of people with relevant experience and interest – to oversee the food and grocery supply chain in Auroville. Ideally, we would like these changes to be implemented by August 2016.

We are inviting the present PTPS team (the active executive and manager) to participate in this new venture.

We will look forward to hearing from you.