News & Notes 644:Where are my friends when I cry out for help??

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9 April 2016

Where are my friends when I cry out for help??

Dear friends of Auroville,

I would like to share with you the difficult experiences that I went through the past two months.

A large group of gundas from the neighbouring village has come to my place to threaten me. In that moment of difficulty the only person who responded to my call for help was Ramesh who rushed to my place and managed to make them leave – I'm deeply grateful for all the support he has given me all these years at any time of day or night!

This experience has been dramatic and left me with a sense of being helpless and alone. The very next day another group came and demolished a part of my new built swimming pool. Again I tried to reach out for help but I was left alone.

Two weeks ago all my machines used for the construction have been stolen: 2 granite hand cutting machines; 1 granite water cutting machine; 1 big steel cutting machine (18 kg in Weight); 1 water pressure Jet (nearly new from Singapore and this one is really not a machine everyone has). Please keep your eyes and ears open and let me know if someone offers you any of the items for sale.

And please let us be more there for each other when in need and not turn our backs to the hurt one.

Thanking you all for listening to my deep pain,