News & Notes 644:Traffic Matters And Public Mobility For Auroville

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9 April 2016

Traffic Matters And Public Mobility For Auroville

Background of this study:

In August and September, the WCom tackled the topic of big buses entering Auroville and parking at the Matrimandir parking. It was decided to restrict access for big buses inside Auroville by diverting them to the Visitors’ Centre parking. This, however, brought the question of how sustainable and collective provisions for internal mobility can be made. The WCom brought this topic of internal mobility and traffic matters to the AVCouncil which in turn created a task force to find practical solutions for public transportation for Auroville. The task force consisted of Veronique, Manohar from the AVCouncil and WCom respectively. They consulted with Aurovilians Chandresh, Paulette, Nicole, Peter, Isha, Sauro, Alain Grandcolas, Deoyani, L’Avenir, Susmita, Gillian C, Annemarie, Helmut and few others. Many ideas and challenges were brought to the table and discussed for over 3 months.

The key points that were studied in this process were:

  1. Moving from individual to collective transport
  2. Collective parking at entrance nodes
  3. Rental systems
  4. Check posts
  5. Traffic safety
  6. Development and maintenance of cycle paths

More detailed report is found in the Auronet on this link: [...]

The AVCouncil