News & Notes 644:Reply from the Auroville Council to the BCC about New Contributions Proposals

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9 April 2016

Reply from the Auroville Council to the BCC about New Contributions Proposals

The Auroville Council replied twice to the same request by the BCC which can be read below by all concerned:

Mail 1:

Dear BCC members,

The Entry Policy document has been in discussion since last July and has gone through 2 feedback rounds. Feedback was invited from everyone, including the groups. We are currently in the middle of a Decision Making process for the same and certainly cannot stop the whole process at the very end. However, we believe that the policy, even if ratified, is an experiment, as all attempts should be in the Auroville spirit. In that light, amendments to the different sections of the policy based on practical experience as we go will be possible, and the amended policy will be reviewed after 12-18 months by the RA. The policy is published online for everyone's review. Please let us know if there are concerns from BCC and we will make a note of that during implementation.

Thank you for participation into helping Auroville move forward,
Auroville Council

Mail 2:

Dear BCC members,

Regarding the contribution policy for Newcomers: The only change is the wording, from "must contribute" to "strongly encouraged to contribute".

Regarding the contribution policy for Friends: The change is that they are only encouraged to contribute during their stay in Auroville.

The reasoning behind these 2 changes were as follows: Nothing is compulsory in Auroville, least of all money related things. While we can strongly encourage all associated to Auroville to contribute to Auroville, we simply cannot make the monetary contribution mandatory for the very fact it goes against our vision of “money is not the sovereign lord”. Contribution cannot and should not continue to be applied as a tax law.

While we agree with you that a deeper dialogue and reflection is necessary for the topic of contribution, it can happen not only between the BCC and AVC but also involving the wider community. The AVCouncil intends to follow up on such a process to get a sense of needed change.

At this point, we see no reason to stop the entire Decision Making process because BCC does not agree with some of the proposed changes at the very end. As already stated in our last mail, the AVC considers all policies, ratified or not, as work in progress and hopes for collaboration to make it better during implementation. We sincerely hope to get out of the “set in stone” mindset when it comes to policies and mandates, which also allows to alleviate fear of change to a certain degree.

We once again thank you for your trust and collaboration,