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9 April 2016

My beloved friend

Yesterday (Thursday. March 31st), I spent the whole day thinking about Rauf. As if he was trying to tell me something. In the evening I got a call from my daughter Lia from Melbourne, Australia telling me he had left us. I was speechless, as if a jolt of electricity had passed through my body. I was very close to him and I miss him. Thank you Rauf for being there for me. Thank you for evenings at your place or at my place. Thank you for the balmy evenings hanging out at Palm Beach. Thank you for the trips to Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve. Thank you for our evening walks in the bush looking for tigers, leopards and other wildlife. Knowing you made my life richer. I miss you. Rest in Peace my brother, Rest in Peace brother Klaus, Rest in Peace brother Kenneth, Rest in Peace brother Lloyd, Rest in Peace sister Anne and brother Mark and all other who have left us over the years. You will never be forgotten.

Love and Peace,