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9 April 2016


“Grazie, cara amica” (Italian) – thank you, dear friend.

Piera Jacometh was born in Italy 23 March 1957, her number in numerology is three – it means harmony and spirituality. Her constellation is Aries and 1957 – bird or hen year. She is a hippotherapist. In Greek, hippos means horse: Piera uses horses for the treating of sick children. She brought to Auroville her love for horses and children. Moreover she loved my cat in Aspiration community.

Piera lived in the Aspiration Guest House for 2.5 months (Jan.-March), I felt a second sun was in Aspiration at this time. Without doubt Piera has an old soul after many incarnations. She is a noble person. Previously in Europe horses gave nobility to people. In Italy, France and Spain the word “horse” are cavallo, cheval and caballo but words for the noble people were cavaliere, chevalier and caballero. The horses gave people health and happiness. We can see this event in Auroville too.

In August 1979 Savitri was born in Aspiration. She wrote in March 2002 in Auroville Today (p.5): “Growing up in Auroville was very special. Many children had ponies and we would gather and go riding throughout the land with the feeling of ultimate unlimited freedom. There were very few fences and we could go everywhere. There were the days when joy was found in simplicity for material comfort and artificial entertainment. That was the magic of my childhood.”

You can see now in Pour Tous the bill: “Mobiles are harmful for birds”. It is true like other sentence: “Technique is harmful for nature”. Piera from Italy loves horses, children, and cats – the living creatures. This is called biophily. She has an instinctive knowledge: hippotherapy can treat any sickness – for example the greed of mankind. The love of horses is for gentlemen and ladies. Napoleon used thousands of horses and Paris was safe. Hitler wasn’t a gentleman, he used tanks and Berlin was destroyed.

Using horses is a medicine against any malady, it is a panacea (in ancient Greece the healing goddess was Panakea). Now our planet is sick due to climate change because we betrayed our old friends – the horses. But I believe that people will forget their hegemony and horses will return to their good place in this world like the Phoenix. The new Hippocratuses will be born: Hippocratus means “power of horse”. And new Philips will appear: Philip means “horse lover”. We can remember the Amazons (women warriors on horses) and kentaurs or centaurs: half human, half horse. Also Pegasus, winged horse among the poets, flying in the sky.