News & Notes 644:From the BCC about New Contribution Proposals in the Entry Policy under discussion

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644 icon.jpg   News & Notes 644
9 April 2017

From the BCC about New Contribution Proposals in the Entry Policy under discussion

Dear Community,

In the new Entry Policy that is coming up for community consultation, there are proposals to change the current practice regarding contributions from Newcomers and Friends of Auroville.

Please note that the Budget Coordination Council [sic] (BCC), which is the working group in charge of maintenance and contributions policies, has not been consulted prior to proposing these changes to the community. While the proposal may have been in circulation since August 2015 – prior to that or since, the process has not involved or consulted the BCC. Still, the fact remains that the proposed policies need to be studied and an agreement arrived at with BCC before this consultation can continue because they impact the Auroville budget and beyond.

There appears to be no logic in the way the contributions are being requested or suggested, making it a much better deal to be in certain status with likely far reaching consequences not only on a financial but more importantly on a social level. The rationale behind the proposed changes in the contribution structure and differences in treatment needs to be explained, and the socio-economic impact of what is proposed needs to be assessed. BCC had asked AVC if such assessment has been done – and have not received any assessment report or any definitive response.

We also found the proposed introduction of a contribution from resident relatives and spouses is very vague and Entry Service is therefore bound to find itself in difficulties over this lack of clarity.

In the light of these issues and the fact that BCC (and FAMC) has not been consulted for making ratification to the policy that has far reaching effect on Auroville's finances – BCC has requested Auroville Council on 25 March, 28 March and again on 1 April 2016 to postpone the community consultation on the new Entry Policy till the issues of financial implications that have been raised are cleared resulting in a document that makes sense for all of us. Auroville Council has so far refused to act on the request but we remain hopeful.

We request the community to be very alert and aware of this situation while participating and voting for such a process.

Thanking you for your understanding,
The Budget Coordination Council [sic]