News & Notes 644:CIRHU takes a leap towards the future!

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9 April 2016

CIRHU takes a leap towards the future!

On Saturday 2nd April 2016, about 35 people met at the Unity Pavilion on the theme: “Vision in action” proposed by CIRHU, the Centre for International Research on Human Unity.

The meeting took place thanks to the demand of the International Zone Coordination Team for more information on activities and development of CIRHU.

Located near Matrimandir, CIRHU is an essential part of the International Zone educational campus, focusing on applied researches, higher learning and future oriented studies. CIRHU will be the bridge between the experience of Auroville and the world on human unity and universality.

A very interesting blend of “youth of all ages” participated in this lively and inspiring meeting. There was a feeling of a “momentum”. The agenda included, but was not limited to:

  • Report on acceleration of activities
  • Site and building application in the International Zone
  • Proposed CIRHU general meeting on 16th April 2016 Unity Pavilion
  • 50th Auroville Anniversary
  • CIRHU Board
  • Communication and Fund raising
  • Study groups

First questions were about CIRHU identity itself and the answer were deep, broad and diverse, yet complementary. Information was shared on ongoing activities: mainly students, volunteers, experts on social sciences, humanities, planning, architecture, landscaping, engineering, water management, energy, environment, urban farming, design, communication and media, etc. Applications for internship are increasing exponentially.

Transversal networks are growing with Universities, Institutes of Research, Global Ecovillages Network (GEN) NGOs, UNESCO as well as with individual and associated group of researchers.

The meeting agreed that now is the moment of Connections. Connection with Sri Aurobindo’s Force but not in a dogmatic way. Connection with the consciousness within, with our brother and sisters, with all applied researches in Auroville inspired by the Dream in action. Connection with the seeds of the future around the word. And branching out, like in a Banyan.

The sparkling energy of the meeting gently transformed into concrete organized actions: study groups will meet this week on various themes.

There will be a second meeting this Saturday 9th April to continue the work-flow and organise the upcoming: CIRHU General Meeting, 16th April 2016, 3-5.30 pm, Unity Pavilion.