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9 April 2016

Auroville International – News from the Centers


Due to lack of any incoming news from the Centres these last weeks, the Dutch March 2016 newsletter, colourful and informative as ever, had to wait for its announcement in this column. It can be found at: […]


AVI France continues with its late afternoon ‘Café Auroville’ sessions in Atelier Fil Rouge, Paris, with a special “Mirra, from Paris to Pondicherry” evening on Saturday, 16 April. The first part will focus on photos of Mother’s time as ‘researcher’ and her meeting with Sri Aurobindo, followed by Laure Poinsot’s documentary ‘Mirra, la Mère de Pondichery’. For further info, contact: aurovilleinternationalfr (at)


During their stay in Auroville in February this year, AVI members and Russian residents had a skype conference with Ruslan Bairanov, president of the ‘Dialogue of Cultures - United World’ foundation and the driving force behind the Ethnomir project nearby Moscow, dedicated to the equality of cultures. Info on Ethnomir can be found at: [...]

A possible consequence of this contact may be a meeting in the summer of this year in Ethnomir of several AVI members with Mr. Bairanov, who has connections with quite a number of Russian Aurovilians and appears to be interested in participating in Auroville’s International Zone.

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