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9 April 2016

A tribute

Gilly and I would like to pay tribute to Rauf Ali, a much loved friend and a deeply committed Aurovillian. Getting to know Rauf and the friendship we formed with him has been one of the great privileges that Auroville has conferred on us. Our memories go back to many evenings spent under the treewhich meant so much to him talking about Auroville and much else. He had an irresistible sense of humour which could be deceptive, often hiding his deep seriousness. For all his remarkable achievements as a naturalist he never took himself too seriously. For Gilly and me it was above all the love that he bestowed on us that brought us so close to him and which makes the fact that we will never hear that unique laughter again, so sad. We are comforted by the knowledge that right to the end he was surrounded by the love of Aurovilians for whom he was just quite simply such a special person.

Mark Tully and Gillian Wright